Interview: Ghamidi

UAE second home to Pakistanis, says noted scholar

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Mar 01, 2014

DUBAI: Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, a famous Pakistani scholar, has said that the UAE has been a second home to Pakistanis and the creation of religious harmony in the country reflects the success of the government.
In an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today, Ghamidi said that he had been approached by different community members to hold religious seminars in Dubai and soon there will be a series of such events to interact with the community in the UAE.
Ghamidi has been known widely in Pakistan as well as overseas for his balanced approach. Image
He was in Dubai to record his interactive discussion programme “Ghamidi Ke Saath” that is telecast weekly from Pakistan’s Samaa channel.
Responding to a question, he said that the dialogue process started by the government with different factions in the country is a good omen for peace and it should be continued.
Other factions who want a dialogue rather than confrontation and disruption should also be brought to the negotiating table.
On the recently stalled dialogue between the government and Taliban, Ghamidi said that the government had every right to stop the dialogue if the Taliban was not stopping its disruptive activities.
He suggested that the government through its action had proved that it was ready to talk with anyone but before all this, the government should consider its religious, social and ideological aspects and devise a clear policy so that there would be no ambiguity created later among any segment of the society.
“This is a positive sign and will bring good results in Pakistan’s overall condition,” he said.
Regarding the law and order situation in Balochistan and incidents of target killings in Karachi, Ghamidi pointed that insurgency in the country’s biggest province (in terms of area) was different and they wanted to highlight their grievances.
“All three are different cases and these should be dealt through different policies,” he added.
Responding to a question regarding the country’s relationship with other Muslim countries, he pointed, “It is the need of the hour for the government to devise and project its clear foreign policy related to the neighbouring countries as well as in the Middle East.”
He further elaborated Pakistan’s foreign policy especially in the last 30 years, which has seen many ups and downs related to Afghanistan, Kashmir and others.

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