Architectural Marvels @ Global Village

Global Hit
ImageBy Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Feb 25, 2014

Global Village, one of the major tourism attractions of Dubai has entered into extension period of its current season. So heavy is the event’s appeal that many feel they have been left unsatisfied.
The Global Village season that started on Oct.5, 2013, and will last till April 12 to complete the 190-day run of the entertainment festival. It includes a huge range of cultural shows by native performers, traditional performances, besides exotic shopping opportunities in the country.
The festival has witnessed a huge number of visitors from locals to expatriate communities not only from Dubai but from other emirates as well. Besides all its huge varieties and massive number of entertainment and cultural shows, there were many visitors who shared their fascination on the architectural designs of the various countries’ pavilion.Image
The facades of all participant countries were represented by the countries’ traditional architectural and cultural reflections.
Talking to The Gulf Today during a recent visit of the Global Village, a number of visitors expressed their views on the unique dimension of the festival.
“Today, it was my third visit in the current season at the Global Village and being admiring by the presence of many countries in one particular festival. One particular thing if I say was the facades of every pavilion which reflects the country’s signature architectural identity. For instance, the exterior if Yemen is the reflection of traditional tower houses of Sana’a as well as the Kuwait pavilion’s facades decorated with traditional boat shape design while India’s with Delhi’s Red Fort and Iran’s with historical bazaar,” said Mubarak M. Saidi, an Arab expatriate who was seen photographing the different pavilions.
Zubai Qureshi a Pakistani expatriate and student of American University of Sharjah pointed that the idea behind the designing of every pavilion on particular country’s traditional architectural has been widely fascinating as the life-size exteriors giving a great satisfaction.
“As my own experience of being in this Global Village twice, I saw not only my family showed keen interest to take photograph at outside the different pavilions but also enjoyed other visiting families to take pictures of different exteriors and shops full of exotic goods brought from all over the world,” he sImageaid.Bilqees Begum another expatriate pointed that the exterior designs of every single pavilion has given them a chance to see the huge traditional buildings around the world. “Shopping at the Global Village is a great experience especially at the Asian pavilions like India, Pakistan and others which are known for their wide range of products especially the handicrafts variety in clothes, wood and marble goods.
I think the managements of all pavilions should set up a photo exhibition in their pavilions to aware the visitors about their particular countries which further strengthen the relationship between the expatriate communities in the UAE,” she suggests.
However, the daily cultural and entertainment performances have also been major attractions for the visitors especially the young children showing great interest in the varieties offering at one platform.

~ by jamilkhan on February 25, 2014.

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