SIH Representation Office in Dubai

Pakistani hospital opens consultation office in Dubai

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Feb 21, 2014

DUBAI: The opening of Shifa International Hospital’s (SIH), the representative office in Dubai will increase medical tourism for Pakistan by offering unique healthcare facilities run by professionals who have earned great respect in their respective medical fields.
This was stated by Javed Jalil Khattak, consul general of Pakistan who was the chief guest at the opening of the representative office in Oud Metha, Dubai on Saturday.Image
SIH, a reputable hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan, has opened its representative office in Dubai to provide expatriates and other residents the healthcare facilities that have been addressing all major diseases through its team of specialist doctors and surgeons.
The team of doctors and consultants at the Dubai office will provide assistance to the patients in the fields of liver transplant services, kidney transplant, bone marrow transplant, cardiac services and total knee and hip bone replacement.
Khattak lauded the service of SIH in the country’s healthcare field and said that the opening of this office will not only increase medical tourism but also further strengthen the relationship between the two countries. “The medical experts from the UAE and Pakistan will have the chance to exchange their expertise in their respective fields,” he added.
He pointed that they will encourage other countries’ major health institutions to set up such offices in the UAE to benefit the community members as well as other expatriates who seek affordable medical treatment.
Dr Mian Amjad Sohail, director, Medical Services and consultant physician, has highlighted that the services of the SIH in Pakistan have earned during the last 20 years accolades for conducting unique surgeries such as liver transplantation and others.
“The SIH in Islamabad has become a major medical destination for people from all over the country, as we have set up two branches in Faisalabad and Peshawar while the tele-medicine service covering a large part of the country offers healthcare facilities to the patients and professionals in 10 major categories,” he added.
The SIH has 500 beds, five major operation theatres and it has also set up five academic institutes to enhance academic professionalism for doctors as well as the paramedical staff.
Mehmood Mirza, strategic manager, said that the hospital has been operating as self-sustainable, as patients are being treated through the support of Shifa Foundation Trust and other partner charity organisations.
Syed Zeeshan Hussain, representative of Dubai office while talking to The Gulf Today said that those who seek treatment in transplantation will be offered a complete package with travelling and accommodation facilities besides consultation on their medical needs.
He further pointed that they will start a tele-medicine facility from Dubai within six months to cater to Pakistanis and other communities.

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