Interview: Dune Int’l Brd Mng

Dune Group to open 5 more stores in UAE, Saudi Arabia

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Jan 30, 2014

DUBAI: The retail market in the UAE is very strong as the presence of international brands reflecting the surge in every sector. The Dune Group is all set to open five more stores in Dubai and Saudi Arabia during the 2014 to cater the increasing demand of women’s casual footwares and men accessories being available on accessible price range.
This was stated by Angela Chiu, International Brand Manager of the Dune group in an exclusive interview in Dubai. “Cementing the further consumer-brand relationship in the region, the Dune stores in UAE has witnessed 30 per cent increase of footfall in 2013 as overall performance in the stores – catering footwares and accessories for men and women – also increased substantially.”
The London-based Dune Group has been operating in the UAE for the last 10-years with total 30 stores in the Middle East including 13 stores in UAE through the partnership with the Apparel Group. Image
“The firm which has started 20-years ago in London with a single store on Oxford Street has been running a total of 55 stores globally but also present in over 300 places in all over the Europe,” she said.
“We have 30 exclusive stores in the Middle East showing the huge market of our brand which is providing a huge a range high-end footwares and fashion accessories for men and women,” she said.
The group through other different partners has been in the US market for a long time and soon they are opening their first physical store in New York in 2014.
She pointed that the retail market in the region as well as in the UAE has been strengthening with every passing day as the number of footfalls which increased 30% in 2013 as compared to 2012. “The retail market of accessories – gloves, scarves, hats, belts, sunglasses, wallets, holding and satchel bags – have been witnessing a huge increase as globally we have recorded 300% increase in our stores,” she said.
Libya is another major market for the Dune group running two stores with a huge success. “We are doing good business in Libya because the presence of less number of high-brands in the country but huge buying power among the locals,” Chiu said.
She pointed that the UAE market has some challenges for the group and the partnership with the Apparel Group to set up stores on key locations like Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall and others paving the way to strengthen the position in the local retail market.

~ by jamilkhan on January 30, 2014.

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