1st Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition

Eight children honoured at abacus competition
ImageBy Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Jan 26, 2014

DUBAI: Eight young students, who have proven fast mental calculation skills through a long 18-level competition, have been honoured and awarded certificates, trophies along with other high achievers at the end of the First National Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition.
The competition was organised by Ideal Play Abacus, and it was held at the Indian Academy on Friday. The day-long event witnessed the competition between 250 children aged between 5 to 13 years in the 18 levels to compete in front of hundreds of guests.
The event was also attended by senior teachers and Indian business communities and dignitaries from the educational fraternity.
Mangala Shashidhar, managing director, Ideal Brain Academy while talking to The Gulf Today said that the Ideal Play Abacus (IPA) is one of the first institutions to offer age-appropriate abacus programmes for children, to enhance their overall mental development and intelligence quotient. She set up a local franchisee, Ideal Brain Academy, in 2007 with a team of eight qualified and devoted co-instructors and 100 students.
“We are offering a 10 level internationally certified course to complete in 4 years. Throughout the course, the students learn the skills to use their brain and calculate a series of numbers rapidly and at some level they do not need to use a calculator,” she pointed.
Addressing the gathering, renowned educator and trainer Dr Waris H Razvi, who was also one of the chief guests, said that abacus is the training of the mind which is done through the communication and parenting that shapes the personality of the child.“Parents should ensure that instead of giving their children electronic gadgets, they should send them for brain development exercises such the abacus activities,” he said.
During the competition, awards were given to dozens of champions and runnersup of all 18 levels. While a demonstration of abacus skills was performed by a group of students, who were chosen randomly, it left the audience spellbound with the complex mental calculations at speeds that matched, and in some cases exceeded, that of the calculator.
Shashidhar added that at the Ideal Brain Academy, they are conducting classes for abacus, SOS (stars of success), art and craft, and MME (maths coaching) programmes as currently there are around 300 students enrolled.
She said that the abacus is indeed known to be a tool to improve concentration, speed, visual and motor skills, memory and confidence.

~ by jamilkhan on January 26, 2014.

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