TCF Supporters Conference – Dubai

Community asked to support TCF
ImageBy Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Jan 22, 2014

DUBAI: A large number of Pakistani community members who support one of the country’s largest non-government organisations, The Citizen Foundation (TCF), attended the supporters conference and were asked by the directors to continue their support by helping children to enrol in schools in Pakistan. The donors’ conference was held at the Al Marooj Rotana Hotel in Dubai.
TCF was formed in Karachi, where in 1996 they set up 5 schools with 400 students, and since then the number of schools across the country has increased to 976, with the enrolment of around 126,000 students in primary and secondary levels.
Mushtaq K. Chhapra, chairman and founding director of TCF, in his introductory speech told the supporters that the benchmark of 1000 schools will be achieved in April this year with the ever growing support of community members in the country as well as abroad.
“The Citizen Foundation was set up with only one object, which is to enrol every single child into schools across the country and for the last 18 years we have been expanding throughout the country to set up schools and provide quality education to these students and support them to pursue their dreams to acquire higher education. Beside this, we at the platform of TCF also support different organisations to provide vocational training and clean potable water and empowering women through adult literacy programme. So far, 23,000 mothers have been provided basic education and have been experiencing a better quality of life” he said.
To share success stories with the audience, the foundation introduced two bright students, Anum Fatima and Nadeem, who described their experience in Karachi’s slum localities to deliver addresses to members of Congress in State Department in Washington DC recently.
Fatima, who is completing her Masters in HR from the country’s elite university, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), had started her academic career with TCF from grade 9. “I was studying in a local private school in Karachi, but due to my family’s financial situation I was forced to quit my education from Grade 8. It was TCF which extended help me get educated but it also provided me with free books and stationery, which resulted in me passing secondary education with flying colours. Since then they supported my decision to further continue my education which resulted in a scholarship from Harvard University for a summer programme,” she said.
Fatima had also completed her internship in Washington DC and addressed a group of Congressmen in State Department on the educational system in Pakistan. She is now teaching in a school and completing her Masters in HR to pursue a better career. She told the audience about the TCF support for her siblings to get a free education as well.

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