PSCS New Body Announcements

Pakistan Social Centre Sharjah announces activities for community

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Jan 12, 2014

SHARJAH: The newly elected body of Pakistan’s Social Centre Sharjah (PSCS) has planned a number of activities to provide every opportunity of entertainment and sports for the community residing in the emirate in general and the members of the centre in particular.
The new body was elected two months ago in a general body meeting in which around 200 permanent members of the centre elected the new body consisting of 11-members for a two-year period from 2014-15.
Talking to The Gulf Today, Chaudhry Khalid Hussain, president-elect, said that they are waiting for the official notification from the Ministry of Social Affairs Sharjah which is the supervising authority for all social centres operational in the Emirates.
“We are hopeful that the ministry will issue the notification for the newly elected body of PSCS this week. Whenever we receive the notification, the governing body will start implementing the plans devised for the community,” he said.
Hussain pointed out that the main focus is to increase sports facilities in the centre with the help of community philanthropists who agree to install and run different areas like table tennis, snooker and a gymnasium.
“Some time ago, the centre had a huge gymnasium-fitness centre with membership of over 100 people who used the facility on a regular basis. That was closed due to unforeseen reasons. Now, we are in need of professionals who will revive this facility, while a table tennis tournament will be held end of this month to bring interested people in the facility to enrol themselves and benefit on regular basis,” he added.
The gymnasium, table tennis and snooker facilities will be available for everyone but according to the officials, the members of the PSCS will get a substantial discount on their monthly fee to promote a healthy environment for the community.
Hussain is optimistic about the opening of gymnasium and table tennis facilities at the end of this month. He said that through the opening of these facilities, the centre will have a good opportunity to generate funds, while the multipurpose hall will also be given to the community for family functions on discounted rates as a primary source of fund-generation for the centre.
However, the PSCS has been regularly organising religious activities in its multipurpose hall announced to hold ‘Mehfil Melad’ on this Thursday as part of the birthday celebrations of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

~ by jamilkhan on January 12, 2014.

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