‘Sindhyat Ja Rang’ Show In Dubai

Annual Sindhi cultural extravaganza to enthral audiences tomorrow

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Dec 05, 2013

DUBAI: The annual Sindhi cultural show for the community residing in Dubai and all over the UAE is all set to be held on Dec.6.
Singers from India and Pakistan will enthral the audience through a variety of folk songs.
The event, “Sindhyat Ja Rang” (colours of Sindhis), will be organised by the Sindhi Sangat, a platform for the Sindhi community in Dubai and will be held at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium.
Asha Chand, prominent community cultural figure who organises activities to preserve the Sindhi culture and language, said that the annual event is one of the major attractions for the Sindhi community residing in the UAE to enjoy the folkloric music, dance and comedy sprinkled with subtle cultural varieties.
“Culture is what adds colour, life and meaning to the world. It is our responsibility to preserve the age-old traditions, which will otherwise get buried,” she said.
The prominent artists who will perform at the event include Shahnila Ali from Pakistan and Saral Roshan from India.
A well-known duo, Niroo and Jaya Asrani, will also enthral the audience through their comedy segments.  
The show will also feature foot-tapping dances showcasing folkloric cultural music adapted to modern beats.
Chand pointed, “Being the fourteenth year of the ‘Sindhi Sangat’ show, we wanted to pack the best of entertainment for our audience.”
Sindhi Sangat has also set up an online portal for the community dedicated to the promotion of the Sindhi language.
The online portal features scores of resources including the Sindhi Radio.
The organisation has produced several entertainment events and teleserials that have been aired on the Doordarshan TV channel.

~ by jamilkhan on December 5, 2013.

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