Special Needs Kids @ Union House

Special needs children celebrate N-Day

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Dec 05, 2013

DUBAI: Gargash Enterprises collaborated with “Group 32” on the occasion of the 42nd UAE National Day to bring some smiles on the faces of the children with special needs belonging to the UAE Down Syndrome Association (DSA).
As part of a road parade, the Mercedes-Benz cars, that were decorated with the UAE National Day, made a stop at the Union House to celebrate the occasion with the children and spread the Spirit of the Union.
Talking to The Gulf Today, Ameena, mother of one of the participant children with special needs from the DSA, said that as part of the UAE National Day, they are holding different activities for the children at their homes as well. Image
“It is a great experience for all the participant children with Down Syndrome to be a part of the event organised by Gargash Enterprises,” she said.
The stop at the Union House was one of many stops that Group 32 made on the way to its destination — Dubai Mall. Group 32 also stopped by Al Shurooq Kindergarten and Greenwoods School to honour the 42nd UAE National Day alongside the younger generation and bring out the patriotic spirit.
The children were given gifts to cherish the event in future.
Adel Al Khaja, government and VIP relations manager at the Gargash Enterprises, said, “This year’s parade was specially designed to demonstrate the appreciation of the culture of the Emirates and instil the spirit of the union of the seven emirates in the children. In honour of Dec.2, the parade was initiated to show support to all the calamities that the children with Down Syndrome have gone through,” he said.

~ by jamilkhan on December 5, 2013.

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