Interview: Veena Malik

Singing a new tune

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Dec 03, 2013

DUBAI: Veena Malik, one of Pakistan’s prominent showbiz personalities, has recently released her second solo song, Rum Rum, paving the way for her to think seriously about a career in singing.
“Even though my acting career is too busy to think about singing, the response from around the world on my recent solo has been encouraging me to consider myself as a singer in the future,” she said in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today in Dubai recently.
Veena was in Dubai last week on a publicity tour and shared the joy of her recent achievements, from receiving the award for being the ‘most successful Pakistani actress in the world’ to releasing three Bollywood films.
A London-based Pakistani group for the last five years annually awards a prominent Pakistani in the fields of business and entertainment. This year the body chose Veena Malik for the ‘Most Successful Pakistani Actress on the Globe’ award at a ceremony in London.
“There is a group in Pakistan which always supports me without any bias while I have also been facing criticism from different forums who as a ‘fashion’ criticised me, never missing an opportunity to show their resentment at my achievements as we saw in London as well,” she said.
People from different backgrounds also vent their anger on Veena Malik who has been known for her bold, saucy roles as her recently released films drew mixed reactions. She said that she cannot please the whole world and so cannot live to do so, but has to please herself. “I have a great connection to my God as well as with my family and I know what is good and what is bad. I cannot please the whole world, except those who are close to me,” she said.
She belongs to an educated landlord and army background family and said that she had her own standards of good and bad.
Veena, who had already released her first solo Dream Queen,now makes headlines with the release of her second song, Rum Rum. “I had always a passion inside me to sing and after the success of my first solo and recently second one I am considering myself to be known in the future as a singer,” she said.
She pointed that there are two more solo songs under-production and soon she will work on her first album which will be a mix of classical, jazz and pop. “I am working in the Indian industry and according to the industry’s ongoing trend it is solo which is more in demand. But after completing two more solo songs which have a mixed genre, I will start to work on my first album in 2015 as before this my schedule is too busy,” she said.
Veena, who started her acting career from Pakistan, gained fame when she was part of the Indian reality TV show Big Boss in 2011 and entered the Indian film industry, Bollywood.
In 2013, she released her three films – Zindagi 50-50, Super Model (Hindi) and Silk (Kannada) – while two under-production films – Aey Dil Da Mamla (Punjabi) and Mumbai 125KM (Hindi) – will be released next year.
Responding to a question regarding the Pakistani film industry known as Lollywood, she said that she loves her country and if she gets any offer she will accept it. “Pakistan is my home where I had started my career but there is an issue, we had a good film in years and actors like me need constant work to refine our profession t hat’s the reason I am working in Bollywood and am too much busy,” she said.
Veena is also part of an under- production documentary by a Holland company, termed a great success of her career. “The firm is making a documentary to portray six most influential Muslim women in the world and my selection from the subcontinent is a great achievement for me and this will be on air in mid-2014 globally,” she said.

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