Rashid Centre for Disabled

Football community to support Rashid Centre through auction
ImageBy Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Nov 11, 2013

DUBAI: Children with special needs at the Rashid Centre for Disabled on Sunday had a great surprise to see among them a delegation of prominent UAE football personalities.
The visit was in line with exploring the facility to raise funds through an upcoming gala dinner charity event.
The charity gala dinner, being organised by Bendoni Communication, also supports a two-day Globe Soccer Conference to be held in Dubai on Dec.28-29 and being organised by the Dubai Sports Council.
The dinner, to be sponsored by Audi, will be held at Armani Hotel Dubai on Dec.28 in which signed shirts by prominent football players around the world and 10 seats will be auctioned to raise funds.
The delegation consisted of Mahdi Ali, UAE national football coach, Ali Al Naboodah, Director General of Audi cars in Abu Dhabi, Rashid Al Kamali, Director of Marketing at Dubai Sports Council and Dr Tommaso Bendoni, Director, Bendoni Communication.
“The visit to the Rashid Centre and observing the special needs children was a great experience. I’m proud to work for the centre,”said Dr Bendoni.
Through the dinner, the organizers will present around 10 seats on auction and asked the participants to raise funds for theRashid centre as the winner of each seat will get a signed shirt by a prominent international footballer.
“Last year we had such event to support Dubai Autism Centre to raise around 40,000 euros as the winner awarded signed shirts of prominent footballers like Mesi, Ronaldo and others,” he said.
Dr Bendoni pointed that the objective of this initiative to support UAEas they are support us through the event of Globe Soccer conference in which people related to football from all over the world will discuss different aspects of the game.
However, the delegation toured the facility along with Maryam Othman, Director General of the centre and interacted with  the special needs children.

~ by jamilkhan on November 11, 2013.

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