PAD Welfare Initiative

PAD extends help to female inmates as ‘Eid gifts’

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, October 21, 2013

DUBAI: A delegation from the Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) visited Al Awir Jail recently and distributed cash and other items as ‘Eid gifts’ among the female inmates belonging to the community. The jail authorities appreciated the gesture and assured them of continued cooperation aiming to benefit the female prisoners interred there.
The team was led by Tahir Zaidi, the joint secretary, and Ali Edhi, the welfare secretary, who discussed the plight of the Pakistani female prisoners. The officials appreciated the humanitarian efforts by the PAD, and they assured them that they will give the requirements of the Pakistani prisoners in order to help support their community members.
“The PAD has been in contact with the jail authorities for a long time, and the association as a part of its welfare activities, helps female prisoners, especially during Ramadan. Recently, we asked the jail authorities for their help to Pakistani female prisoners on Eid Al Adha, so they shared with us some information about their daily requirements,” he told The Gulf Today on Sunday.
The PAD had deposited Dhs200 each in all 30 inmates’ accounts to fulfil their daily needs in purchasing goods from the in-house supermarket.
Zaidi also related that the PAD had also paid the fine of one prisoner, Muhammad Asif, who had completed his jail term but was unable to be released because of fines. “We paid his fines before Eid, and the authorities assured us that he will be released as soon as the court completes the documents,” he said.

~ by jamilkhan on October 22, 2013.

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