TKS ‘Little Hands Green’

Pupils beautify school’s environs

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, October 11, 2013

DUBAI: Children of The Kindergarten Starter (TKS), Dubai, have finally achieved what they were struggling for the last over 12 months, to get permission to convert the barren land outside their school into a lush green patch.
Having achieved that, they went on to plant over 200 saplings in front of their school’s main gate to achieve their dream of converting the area into a beautiful green piece of land.
As part of an environment and community project, a group of young students of the ‘Eco Team,’ along with their teachers and parents, initiated the project ‘little hands green’. Image
The event was held on Thursday at TKS in Garhoud and attended by Ibrahim Saeed, Director of Transportation Department, RTA; Hassan Mourad, Head of Planning & Development of Transportation, Dubai Municipality, along with a number of parents, teachers and the students and community members.
Asha Alexander, the school principal, told The Gulf Today that the project to convert the barren patch outside the school into a green piece of land was the effort of students who had floated the idea last year. Outside the main entrance of TKS is GGICO Metro Station where land measuring around 110m along the main road was barren.
“We approached the concerned authorities, including Dubai Municipality, Dewa and others, to allow us to have some greenery here. It took almost a year, and today, on the last day of our week-long event, ‘Seva (service) Week,’ our children went about their job planting different saplings to beautify the school’s surroundings as well as provide an aesthetic look to everyone,” Alexander said.
She pointed that throughout the week, the children were made aware of the importance they should accord to elders and about serving the community. Also, a group of students were made to work in different capacities in the school to better understand the dignity of labour.
The school has formed an ‘Eco Team’ comprising students, teachers and parents along with members from the community to organise environment-related activities throughout the year — from cleaning beaches, planting trees and raising awareness in the society.
“Last year, the Eco Team had conducted a blood donation drive besides other activities throughout the year,” she pointed out. The school, which is located in Garhoud, Dubai, has around 5,000 students.
Furthermore, last week, TKS hosted the first Dewa Workshop on Conservation for parents, staff and students. Several students — eco-ambassadors of many schools in the UAE — attended the event held on its premises. Ali Amjad Mohammad Amjad, a senior official from Dewa conducted the workshop on saving water and electricity.
Members of the KGS Green Team, Priyanka Palleri, Priya Palleri, Issac Vinu Varghese and George Mathew Paul shared methods that were adopted by the school to save water and electricity.
A webinar was conducted with students of the Karachi Grammar School, wherein students of both schools engaged in an interactive session and shared ideas on how to save water and electricity in their schools and their homes.

~ by jamilkhan on October 11, 2013.

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