Interview: TCI Dubai Founder

TCI stresses on sustainable solutions for better living
ImageBy Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, October 02, 2013

DUBAI: Individuals as well as government departments in the UAE have joined hands to come up with initiatives for a sustainable future by using all available means to preserve and economically use precious natural resources.
“In Dubai, more and more health-conscious people are inclining towards sustainable solutions that are available for the first time here in abundance,” said Gundeep Singh, CEO and founder of The Change Initiative (TCI) while talking to The Gulf Today on Tuesday.
Singh, who started TCI last year to set up a dedicated store to offer 11,000 products and 2,400 solutions under one roof, caters to the needs of an individual as well as an organisation.
“We started this initiative to establish our own building located on Sheikh Zayed Road which has earned the title of the ‘most sustainable building’ in the world and the products we offer cater to the growing demands of people who are interested in a sustainable life,” he said.
The products under the TCI store range from organic foods, household items made of natural ingredients, cleaning products and a wide range of electronic items that are energy-efficient.
“According to a study, humans around the world have already utilised 50 per cent of the total carbon due to extensive usage of natural resources. There has been a rapid degradation of natural water resources and reduction in the number of trees resulting in deforestation. We started TCI as part of our responsibility towards mother nature and educating people to raise,” he said.
He said that to consider the bigger picture of future in mind the cost of sustainable solution products, which is slightly higher, holds little significance. Singh pointed that in the past one year, a team of three highly motivated professionals from TCI have conducted various programmes in different places to raise awareness on the sustainable life solution initiative and educating people to use the resources economically.
“In schools we teach students to use products that are environment-friendly and healthy. We have a wide range of school stationery items, from toys made of non-toxic materials, to water bottles and clothes made by organic material,” he said.
Responding to a question, he pointed that the response in the past year has been enormous as more and more people are adopting sustainable solutions for better living.
TCI plans to expand services in Abu Dhabi besides Qatar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and other places.

~ by jamilkhan on October 2, 2013.

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