New PAD Body For 2013-14

9-member new PAD body takes oath

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, September 28, 2013

DUBAI: A new body comprising nine members of the Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) has taken oath regarding the next 2-year term with the aim of providing more facilities to conduct a series of programmes. The head of the new body vowed to hold the function on Dec. 25 in a new multi-purpose hall to make it functional.
Javed Jalil Khattak, the Consul General of Pakistan, was the chief guest who administered the oath, while a large number of community dignitaries including heads of different wings of PAD attended the ceremony.
The new body comprises Dr Ziaul Hassan, president, Syed Zahid Ali Shah Tirmizi, vice president, Dr Faisel Ikram, general secretary, Syed Tahir Hasnain Zaidi, joint secretary, Farhan Pir Muhammad Mendha, treasurer, Malik Arshad Ahmed, cultural affairs secretary, Raja Asad Farooq, sports secretary, Muhammad Ali Edhi, community welfare secretary and Muhammad Zaim will be the public relations secretary.
Addressing the gathering, Dr Zial ul Hassan, president of PAD, said that the multi-purpose hall which is yet to complete will be functional in the next couple of months. “The function to celebrate the birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Founder of Pakistan) on Dec 25 will be held at the new hall to complete all the necessary works,” he announced. He pointed out that during the last tenure it was a major challenge for them but now many issues have been resolved and soon the work will be completed with the support of the community.
“The PAD in the past had been responded to every call from the community, especially in the natural calamity like the earthquakes, flood and others in different parts of the country. We will continue responding whenever we were called, as soon the Medical Wing will send medicines worth Dhs10,000 to help the earthquake-affected people in Balochistan province,” he said.
He told that the necessary documentation with the local authorities will be completed to start relief work for the thousands of people in different parts of the Balochistan province.
Dr Hassan also asked people to come forward with useful suggestions to the overall development of the community in Dubai, as it is not only our responsibility to look after the community but also as a executive body member to benefit this opportunity to serve the fellow Pakistanis.
“With the benefit of information technology, we will not only reach out more easily to the community, but we will also increase our membership and bring people on the PAD platform to hold various programmes and social gatherings as we did in the last two years,” he said.
Javed Khattak, the newly appointed Consul General in Dubai, appreciated the services of the community, especially the PAD whose members worked voluntarily for the community.
“We are delighted that the community in Dubai is also practicising democratic norms to select their office-bearers targeting the issues facing by the fellow countrymen in the UAE. Pakistanis everywhere in the world are known as resilient people and to maintain this we will achieve a high target in the UAE,” he added.

~ by jamilkhan on September 28, 2013.

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