PU Campus In Dubai On Cards

Proposal for Dubai campus result of high Pak foreign enrollment

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, September 21, 2013

DUBAI: Shahid Zafar, the education liaison officer in the Pakistani consulate in Dubai told The Gulf Today that the number of students from the Pakistani community have been increasing every year to obtain a university degree.
He asked the consulate to convince PU to set up a campus with more course offerings in the UAE in order to benefit the community on a larger scale.
A number of overseas Pakistanis in the UAE have been taking more interest in the prime academic institutions available for the obtainment of higher degrees.
Sources in the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai told The Gulf Today on Friday that the newly appointed CG has recently talked to the vice chancellor of Punjab University and discussed a proposal which can help the Pakistani community in the UAE.
Pakistanis in the UAE are the second largest overseas community after India, and people from different walks of life are approaching the Pakistani academic institutions to obtain university degrees in different disciplines which can help them gain an edge in their respective professions.
Students can seek university degrees from prestigious institutions like Karachi University, Punjab University and others offering courses for foreign students have been entertained by officials in the embassy in Abu Dhabi and consulate in Dubai throughout the year.
“The consulate in Dubai is dealing with the students seek degrees from Punjab University while those who  wish to join from Karachi University (KU) are being catered at the embassy in Abu Dhabi. This year a total of 75 students enrolled in post-graduate and master’s degrees while last year it was around 70 students,” he said.
This year those who enrolled consisted of professionals as well as regular students from the community, who are considering these degrees as more economically prudent. The Punjab University (PU) allows foreign students to enrol in BA and BCom as post-graduates, while master’s degrees are offered in 6 subjects including Islamic history, Pakistan history, English literature, Pakistan studies, economics and Urdu.
“We started admissions of foreign students for post-graduates during December to February, while the exams were conducted during August to September in Dubai. The admissions started for Masters in April to May and the exams were held from November to December. The fee is $500 for each degree, including the admission fee as well as examinations,” Zafar said.
The officials in the consulate who also conducted examinations for other Pakistani universities in Dubai asked for the obtainment of local schools as examination centres for this purpose.

~ by jamilkhan on September 23, 2013.

4 Responses to “PU Campus In Dubai On Cards”

  1. Dear sir I would like to take admission in master degree so my question is that can I give composite exam in Nov. Dec.2016

  2. Dear sir I would like to take admission in master degree in Islamic

    • Hi,
      thanks for commenting on my story.
      The setting up of PU campus was an idea and now there is nothing. You can talk to Ms Nimra in Consulate for futher details about your degree course.-thanks

  3. I want admission in Punjab University, please share the procedure.

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