APML Celebrates Musharraf’s 70th Birthday

APML supporters celebrate Musharraf’s 70th birthday

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, August 13, 2013
DUBAI: A group of workers and well-wishers of Pervez Musharraf, former President and chairman of the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), had gathered and celebrated the statesman’s 70th birthday in Dubai late on Sunday.
The gathering was attended by office bearers and APML supporters at the community hall adjacent to Musharraf’s residence in Downtown Dubai.
Talking to The Gulf Today, the party leaders said that Musharraf, who had dedicated his whole life to protect his country, was only repaid for his sacrifices by being placed under house arrest.
The supporters expressed their earnest outpourings of support for him in his absence, and even the office-bearers along with other supporters recorded a video message and uploaded it on the social networking sites of Facebook and Twitter.
Farzana Mansoor, head of the APML ladies wing in the UAE, said that the members used to celebrate Musharraf’s birthday with pomp and glory during the past three years. “Even when he was abroad, the members used to exhort him to be in Dubai so that his birthday could be celebrated among his loved ones. Only this year we could not have him amidst us because of the extraneous circumstances he is facing nowadays, and even then now pray for his wellbeing,” she added.
Ghouse Muhammad Shahzad, a member of the central executive committee (CEC) told the media that the untoward behavior of the judiciary towards the then President Musharraf should be condemned. The judiciary should be the last to get involved in supporting these miscreants due to the effect it will have on their own credibility. He expressed hope that Musharraf will come out unscathed and join his supporters in the UAE to spend quality time with family and friends.
Zahaib Nabeel, a member of the APML Central Working committee, recalled that Musharraf used to host Iftar parties every Ramadan where he would interact with supporters gathered from all over the UAE.
“The local authorities in Islamabad had placed him under house arrest and did not allow him to offer his Eid prayers with his other countrymen near his residence in the capital. We also heard the upsetting news that the authorities refused General Musharraf’s request to host an Iftar for friends and family during Ramadan at his residence in Islamabad,” he added.
He also opined that all the cases against him can be bailed, and he saw no reason for the authorities to reject his petition for bail.
Fariaha Farooqi, Tabish Zaidi, Omer Baloch, Serwat Zehra, Farah Agha and others who are very close to Musharraf also expressed their sincere wishes for the former president and said that Pervez Musharraf is a soldier par excellence, a proud son of Pakistan, and a personality who comes to a nation once in a millennium.

~ by jamilkhan on August 13, 2013.

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  1. Nice coverage Jamil Khan..!

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