Pushto Stage Show in Duba

Pak stage show in Dubai a huge success

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, August 11, 2013

DUBAI: A large number of Pakistani community members in the UAE have celebrated Eid Al Fitr by attending a range of entertaining shows that were held in different places in the Emirates.
One of the major events attended by a large number from the Pushto community was a stage show: “Over 1500 Pushtuns from Dubai and other Northern Emirates had attended the music show held at the auditorium of Indian High School in Oud Mehta on Friday evening. The huge attendance made the show a blockbuster, and we are expecting the same tremendous attendance in today’s (Saturday) show to be held in Al Ain,” said Sangeen Khan, the organiser, while talking to The Gulf Today.
Khan, who is well known in the Pushtun community, has attended a number of stage shows in Pakistan as well as abroad. He has been a stage actor for many years and in 2009 he started organising stage shows for the community with a group of friends: “Like we have done in the past, we brought some well-known stage and Pushto film actors for this years’ show, including singer and dancers like Asma Latta, Sehar Khan, Saba, Neelum Gul and others,” he said.
Lahore has been famous as the epicentre of the Pakistani show-business, and people have called the industry “Lollywood”. In the past, Lollywood has been releasing dozens of films in Urdu, Punjabi and Pushto, but this year the situation was worse and only three local Urdu films were released, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi (I’m Shahid Afridi), Ishq-e-Khuda and Josh. The actors who participated in these shows hailed from Lahore and Peshawar.
Khan pointed out that a group of Pakistani businessmen had tried to bring new Pakistani films to the community in the UAE, but the project had not materialised: “We have a huge number of showbiz lovers and the tremendous response from the community on stage shows speaks for itself. This year we planned three shows, the first show was held on the first day of the Eid in Abu Dhabi, the second in Dubai and the third will be in Al Ain as all these places have a huge number of Pushtuns,” he added.
Highlighting the theme of the current line of shows, Sangeen Khan said that the show is a musical-cum-drama epic describing the life of a local girl who loved an expatriate. “The response is great. Many people said that this a great story which was inspiring, not just in the acting but also as a relief from the life that these people are living abroad,” Khan added.

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