Viewers critizised ‘Babies As Gift’

Pakistani quiz show’s ‘baby gifts’ during Ramadan irk viewers

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, August 5, 2013

SHARJAH: The battle for higher rating of viewership by Urdu-language satellite channels from Pakistan has taken a new turn as one of the prominent but also controversial anchors Aamir Liaquat Hussain gave away abandoned babies for the second time to childless couples.
This time the host had given away a baby girl to a couple as a gift for answering correctly a question in his live show “Aman Ramada”, aired on Friday on Geo channel. This has sparked mix reactions among viewers not only in Pakistan, but in the UAE as well. Image
Many community members told The Gulf Today their criticism of the show, while others appreciated his act to “save and provide a good home” for the abandoned babies left by unknown couples in Karachi.
The show which airs prior to Iftar, was aimed at replacing the earlier versions of these types of shows, providing viewers a mix of Islamic information through scholars. This year the host has brought in more “excitement” for the participants by giving away valuable prizes such as electronic household items, motorcycles and cars.
The host went through a rough time last year when a video of some “behind the scenes” acts was aired on YouTube and viewed by thousands all over the world. This resulted in the host coming online on the same TV channel and asked the public for forgiveness.
With the new show this year, the “out-of-context” show has already opened a Pandora’s Box on social media like Facebook. A number of prominent columnists in the Urdu press in Pakistan slammed the host and TV management for using religion to their advantage during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
Azhar Mahmood, a resident of Dubai for some time, said that his family was always fond of the Pakistani channels, but the show hosted by Aamir Liaquat on Geo TV is not suitable for Ramadan. “The host is acting like a joker, even singing while saying inappropriate words addressing respectable Muslim scholars who belong to any of the four Madhabs,” he said.
Mahmood pointed out that the host was giving away prizes as if it was some sort of a quiz show. “People (viewers) need Ramadan related information addressed by authentic scholars; instead, what we are seeing are people from different universities presenting themselves as scholars and trying to fool the audience. The show should be stopped as it includes totally sacrilegious acts,” he declared.
Mahmood further opined that the new issue of giving away babies to childless couples in the same show has become a hot topic on Facebook, and as such should not be aired on TV. “These abandoned babies should be given away to those couples who want it, but for this a separate programme should be set up. The viewers should be informed that the management of the new show has already researched the couples who want these babies and it if they are capable to take good care of them and eventually adopt them in the future,” he said.
Rafiq Nasir, a resident of Sharjah, termed the act of giving away babies as gifts as a “noble deed”. He said that “these babies need good homes, and if someone is ready to be part of this good deed then they should not be criticized for the sake of criticism. If nobody took care of these babies, they might become beggars or social misfits in the future.”
He further pointed that he (Liaquat) already came forward and asked viewers for forgiveness on his last YouTube video. “Allah forgives everyone who asks for forgiveness, so who are the people in order not to forgive him. Now he is hosting a programme providing many good things to its viewers. I think the show should be more simple and respectful rather than a quiz show,” he said.

~ by jamilkhan on August 5, 2013.

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