PAD Zakat Collection Drive

Pak body urges support for needy

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, August 5, 2013

SHARJAH: Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) has asked its members to take part in the latest drive of donations, which aims to support needy community members so they may take part in Eid Al Fitr celebrations.
While talking to The Gulf Today, Rizwan Fancy, chairman of the ad-hoc body of PAD, said: “Every year in the Holy Month of Ramadan, the PAD asked not only its members but also the whole community to donate their Zakat and Fitr money to PAD which can support a number of welfare activities.”
Last year, the Fitr amount for each person was Dhs15, and this year it was ascertained at Dhs20.
“The PAD has registered a large number of families who were in need and last year many families were given Dhs1,000 from the donations collected towards Eid Al Fitr. Other donations were used in regular welfare activities like paying tuition fees for deserving students, organizing free monthly medical camps, supporting sick community members, providing air tickets for needy people, as well as many relief activities planned through the year,” he said.
Fancy pointed out that last year they approached the Dubai Police and acquired a list of Pakistani female prisoners in local jails, and “through the contribution of the community, we extended financial assistance to over two dozen prisoners and recently received another list of 18 female prisoners. Although they have a large amount of fines, we will give them a reasonable amount to use for their daily needs in the jail.”
PAD, in the first week of Ramadan, had also launched the ‘Ramadan Food Package’ drive and decided to give away food baskets with over 15 daily commodity items enough for a family of 5 for 15 days.

~ by jamilkhan on August 5, 2013.

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