Centro Rotana – CSR

Seniors experience the warmth of a group Iftar by hotel

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, July 17, 2013

SHARJAH: As an annual CSR initiative for Ramadan, the Centro Sharjah hotel  celebrated the true essence of the Holy Month of Ramadan by hosting an Iftar dinner for almost 100 persons on Monday at the Old People’s Home in Sharjah. Corporate social responsibility initiatives towards people in need have been increasing during the Holy Month of Ramadan. More and more corporate organisations are holding charity initiatives to express their sentiments. Image
The hotel management headed by Daniel Mathew, General Manager of Centro Sharjah and the Iftar attended by all department heads of the Old Home Sharjah including Mansour Mohammed Haji joined for a sumptuous Iftar buffet with the seniors.
Daniel Mathew told to The Gulf Today: “As the word Ramadan conveys, it’s the time of year where everyone focuses on giving charity, forgiving and praying. It was a wonderful opportunity to share this remarkable moment with individuals who truly value Ramadan.”
He further pointed that every year they have been organising charity Iftars for deserving people, and last year it was held at another centre in Sharjah.
“As our CSR initiative, we are currently organising various activities to collect clothes and other items which will be distributed among the less-privileged people. For the past two years since the inception of Centro Sharjah, the hotel has been active with several community services and supporting non-government organisations in anyway it could. The hotel’s initiative confirmed the commitment of Centro Sharjah to its core values of respect and integrity demonstrated by giving back to the community,” he added.
Mansour Mohammed Haji, Manager Public Relations at the Old People’s Home, Sharjah told The Gulf Today that the centre is operating under the Social Services Department of Sharjah government. It was established in 1986 and has been supporting and assisting the elderly population from Sharjah age 60 and above. “Currently we have around 46 people including males and females, and the government of Sharjah provides them their necessity from food, clothing, shelter, hospitalisation, medicine etc.,” he said.
The event was concluded with the heartfelt words from the centre’s inhabitants, thanking the hotel management for their support and helping them celebrate Iftar and have an enjoyable time.

~ by jamilkhan on July 17, 2013.

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