Pak Ambassador Farewell

Outgoing envoy assures PAD hall completion

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, June 16, 2013

DUBAI: The outgoing Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE, Jamil Ahmed Khan, has assured the Pakistani community in the country that work on the multi-purpose Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) hall would start as soon as formalities relating to the agreement with Abraaj Capital are finalised.
Addressing a farewell gathering organised by PAD in his honour late on Friday, the ambassador thanked the community for their support during his over 2-and-a-half-year tenure as ambassador in the UAE, a post he had taken charge of in October 2010.
Khan was responsible for various initiatives that benefited the community. During his tenure, the Pakistan mission had started awarding community members with appreciation certificates for remittances via official channels. Besides, the embassy had organised various sessions to bridge the gap between businessmen from the community and local groups in order to facilitate the formers’ participation in trade exhibitions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.Image
“I’m happy to announce that the Pakistan government has approved a plan to expand the consulate in Dubai which will then have a capacity to seat 600, which was in answer to demands from community members, as every day thousands of people visit the consulate to seek various consular facilities,” he said.
The present consulate, built in 1981, was to facilitate around 400,000 Pakistani expatriates at that time. Since then, the expatriate count has reached 1.2 million and the place is cramped up every day from dawn to dusk.
Rizwan Fancy, head of the ad-hoc body at PAD, in his welcome address, lauded the services of the outgoing ambassador and thanked him for pursuing the matter with regard to the multi-purpose hall.
“We hope that the new ambassador will follow in the footsteps of Jamil Ahmed Khan, who strived hard to serve the community in every which way,” he said.
The farewell dinner was attended by a large number of PAD members. Thereafter, a souvenir was also presented to the outgoing ambassador on behalf of PAD.

~ by jamilkhan on June 16, 2013.

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