YaArabi Launches in Dubai

‘YaArabi’ search engine honours Rashid Centre

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, May 16, 2013
ImageDUBAI: Awareness of the importance of promoting Arabic usage has been gaining momentum as Dubai government officials recently highlighted their concern over this issue.
In this regard, a local entity has launched a completely new search engine named ‘YaArabi’ to contribute to the initiative to promote the use of Arabic.
This was stated by Abdel Rahman Tahboub, the CEO of ‘YaArabi,’ while talking to The Gulf Today on Thursday.
“In this regard, we are honouring dignitaries from different walks of life with an exclusive identity on our web search engine. Today, we are pleased to announce that Maryam Othman, General Director of Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre, has been awarded with an exclusive email address on ‘YaArabi’ and is the first lady in the Arab world to be given such an identity on the web,” he added.
He further said that Othman was honoured with the email address in recognition of her services towards people with special needs. “This will be a milestone for us and our cause and will help promote this search engine all over the world,” he added.
“Our gesture is an appreciation from the management of ‘YaArabi’ for her humanitarian and social efforts to serve special needs people in the Arab world and her efforts to strengthen humanitarian and social studies through her launching of Sheikh Rashid’s Award for Humanitarian Studies,” he said.
During the visit of Abdel Rahman Tahboub, CEO of ‘YaArabi’, Farah Hilal, technical expert and General Manager, an email address was set up for all the sectors and workers for the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre to recognise their efforts in the sector.
The ceremony was attended by a number of academic experts from different Arab countries as well as ambassadors, consuls general and known public personalities and the website was launched by Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum.

~ by jamilkhan on May 16, 2013.

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