Pak Expats In UAE

Pakistani expats mark National Day with fervour

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, March 24, 2013

DUBAI: Pakistani expatriates in the UAE celebrated the country’s 73rd National Day with patriotic fervour and enthusiasm, with large numbers within the community attending the official ceremonies at the premises of the Pakistan Embassy, Abu Dhabi, and the Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai on Saturday.
Jamil Ahmad Khan, Ambassador of Pakistan and Tariq Iqbal Soomro, Consul General of Pakistan hoisted the national flag in the presence of a large gathering of Pakistani community members and embassy and consulate officials and their families.
National Day messages from the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan were read out before the gathering.
Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan said, “March 23 reminds us of the valiant struggle and firm resolve of Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Muslims of the subcontinent led by him, for the creation of a separate homeland so that they could lead lives according to their own beliefs and culture.”
He added that the day signified a truly historic milestone.
Ambassador Khan further said that since Independence, the Pakistani people have been confronted with many challenges, but they have risen to the occasion and successfully overcome adversity by demonstrating patriotism, steadfastness, unwavering faith and resilience. He urged the Pakistani community to rededicate themselves to making Pakistan a stronger and more prosperous country.
He said that democracy is present in its truest spirit in Pakistan and that it was the first time that a democratically elected government completed its five-year term, adding that political power would be transferred to a new leadership in a few months.
Speaking on Pakistan-UAE relations, Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan expressed his delight at the upward trajectory of their bilateral ties, which he said, were laid on a strong foundation by the leadership of the two countries, and which since 1971, have been growing from strength to strength.
Speaking on the occasion, the Consul General Soomro paid glowing tributes to the Father of the Nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the poet philosopher, Allama Iqbal.
He remarked that this day was being celebrated to remember the heroic constitutional battle fought by the people under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam and the countless sacrifices offered during the struggle for an independent country that finally emerged on the world map in 1947.
“Despite the prevailing global economic downturn and in the face of adverse internal and external challenges, our economy remains resilient,” Soomro added.
Referring to Pakistan’s large and talented workforce and vast natural resources, some of which are yet to be tapped, he said the nation’s banking and financial institutions were based on solid foundations.
Pakistan’s relations with the UAE, which he said were built on profound recognition of mutual benefits and understanding, are rooted in history and bound together by common social values, traditions and faith.
Lauding the late Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan for laying the foundations for a dynamic and robust relationship between the two countries in the early 1970s, Soomro said the continuing tradition has been strengthened by the successive leaderships on both sides.
He said this is possible because the leaders of both countries enjoy each other’s trust and confidence and the existence of a strong desire in both nations for further expanding the political, trade and economic relations.
This is the reason that over the years, with substantial investment in banking, finance, telecommunication and real estate sectors and service industry, the UAE has emerged as the single-largest foreign investor in Pakistan and the second biggest trading partner, he added.
He pointed out that more than 1.2 million Pakistanis in the UAE, which constitute the country’s second-largest expatriate community, consider the UAE as their second home and some, even their first.
Pakistanis, he added, have contributed significantly towards the development of the UAE with a large number of doctors, engineers, bankers and finance managers employed in the government sector and an equally large number in the business, transport and labour sectors.
Children from Pakistani schools and the choir of the Church of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi, played national songs during the ceremony.
Popular national songs  rendered by the children boosted the national sentiment of the people present on the occasion.
At the end of the ceremonies, those present prayed for national solidarity and the country’s prosperity.

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