Women’s Art Show @ DOM

Creative outpouring by women artists

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, March 17, 2013
ImageDUBAI: Women from different backgrounds excelling in various artistic media were invited to express their inner talent, sense of humour, emotions and zest for life at the first-ever Women’s Art Show and Exhibition organised by the Dubai Outlet Mall in collaboration with ZeeArts.
The exhibition, held at the Dubai Outlet Mall, was in the context of the Women’s Arts Festival.
The weeklong exhibition features paintings, sketches, jewellery items, fashion designs, knitted work, sculptures and other works of art by enterprising women.
A major highlight was a live art performance on Friday that drew huge crowds of fans. It saw artists simply dipping their bare feet in paint and producing a masterpiece by strutting about on a huge canvas, swaying to the sound of background music. The resultant artwork will be on display throughout the exhibition’s duration. Talking to The Gulf Today, Jyoti Singla, an art teacher and one of the artists on the show, said the initiative which aimed to bring creative women together was a great idea as it provided the participating artists a platform to showcase their work and expand their network.
Singla, who is also associated with the Dubai International Art Centre, has been producing paintings in mixed and other media for the last 12 years and the theme she employs is centred around Indian tradition and religions. Image
“I have earlier showcased my work at a couple of places in Dubai and have received very encouraging response. Many of my artworks have fetched quite a good price as there is a good demand for work that describes India,” she said.
A resident of the UAE for the last 17 years, her students come from diverse age groups — from young children to grandmothers — at the Sharjah Art Museum.
Singla has also mastered the Tanjore art form, an exclusive classical South Indian form of painting.
“The Tanjore art form employs 24-carat gold foil besides semi-precious stones. While traditional artworks are very popular among the Indian community, my other work has done very well among other communities, especially those from Western cultures,” Singla added.
Li Chen Pan is a Chinese artist, whose artworks employ seashells and mixed media. Talking to The Gulf Today she said her artworks, which reflect her ideas, make use of genuine shells and corals in their natural shapes and colours.
Based in Dubai for the last couple of years, Pan started dabbling in her artworks after having spent three years or so collecting shells from different beaches spread across six different countries.
“I love nature and, therefore, use natural items like shells and coral. My art is spontaneous as there is no set formula to come up with an artwork employing shells. Sometimes, I finish an artwork in a day, but at times, it takes months to complete one. It also depends on the design,” she said.
Pan has been showcasing her seashell portraits in many exhibitions in Dubai and her work has received good response with many fetching her a good price, she says.
Vishal Mahajan, director-Dubai Outlet Mall, said, “This event gives women a chance to express their inner feelings through a safe and supportive form of public art in a community space that results in a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone.
“The art is sure to receive much attention amongst visitors, regardless of whether they are art connoisseurs or not. Dubai Outlet Mall applauds the celebration of womanhood in the month of March and invites the community to come and participate in a novel and innovative form of self-expression through the Women’s Art Show and Exhibition,” he added.

~ by jamilkhan on March 17, 2013.

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