Tima Fashion Galleria

Pakistani bridal wear hit among Emirati women

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, June 24, 2012
DUBAI: Traditional handmade designs on Pakistani women’s dresses have been gaining popularity among Emirati women, besides women from other communities.
Many Emirati women are adopting Pakistani patterns on their dresses, according to prominent Pakistani fashion designer, Shabnam Naz.
Shabnam Naz recently launched her debut signature line, Tima Fashion Galleria in Jumairah, Dubai.
It was the first fashion boutique launched by Shabnam and her husband Dr Raza.

Raising money
Naz while talking to the media said: “The boutique creates a new benchmark for fashion. It provides shoppers with unique style and an assurance that every sold item will raise money to fight poverty around the world,” she added.
The occasion was marked by various activities such as raffle draws, live music and a show of girls displaying Naz creations on the ramp.
Tariq Iqbal Soomro, Consul General of Pakistan in Dubai was the chief guest, while many prominent personalities and fashion avid women gathered to see a huge range of clothes, focusing more on mainly bridal and party wear. Naz has been organising fashion shows to promote Pakistani designers’ creations in the local market.  “After so much involvement in the local fashion market for the last five years, I have decided to launch my own signature line as Tima Fashion to meet the demand for traditional clothes for brides and clothes for women to be wore during parties,” she said.  “It is the right of every woman to look good. We are here to offer them a huge collection of clothes,” she said in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today on the opening of the gallery recently.   “We wanted to offer our clientele a truly special shopping experience by providing unique international and regional designer collections,” said Naz. The boutique has collection of designers, including Shabnam, Julian Martin and Peter Sham with a range of bridal and party wears, matching shoes and jewellery. Naz said that customers have now more opportunity of affordable dresses in Dubai.  “We are here to meet the demand of customers,” she added. She further said that all the clothes have handmade embroidery by craftsmen in Karachi and Faisalabad – the fashion hub in Pakistan,” she said.

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