SCHS-Al Amal Camp 2010

Al Amal Camp for special needs students to be held next month

By Jamil Khan @ Gulf Today-Sharjah, November 23, 2010

Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) is all set to hold the 21st Al Amal Camp, one of the biggest event at the centre in which a large number of children with special needs from the UAE as well as from different Gulf countries will take part.
The camp will be held between Dec.19 and Dec.24 at the premises of SCHS, Yarmook in collaboration of Al Tiqqah Club, Sharjah.
The SCHS has been organising Al Amal Camp for the last 20 years during the break of winter holidays for one week in which students not only from SCHS but from different other such institutes of special needs children also take part in a number of activities.
Talking to The Gulf Today, Assistant Director Khadeja Ahmed Mohammed Bamakhrmah said that the main objective of the Al Amal Camp is to provide students with special needs a platform where they interact with such children not only from other institutes across the country but also from different Gulf countries.
“Every year we choose a theme and the programmes and activities to be taken under this. This year the theme is “Nothing About Us Without Us” and all the indoor and outdoor activities will focus on this to provide informative and educational training to the special needs children,” she remarked.
The students who will take part in this programme will be from different institutes from the UAE as well as from Gulf countries as correspondence with all interested schools are in progress and will be finalised within the next couple of days. “The children with the mentally retarded, deaf and other such disorders will be the participants of this camp as all interesting instutes will send maximum 4-5 students for this camp,” she said.
She added that they have very limited capacity and asked all the invited centres to send only 4-5 students.
“During the weeklong camp, the children will have a number of activities. They will also tour different parts of the country to get familiar with environment, history and such other subjects,” she said.
Last year, around 100 students from different countries and various centres of the UAE took part in the Al Amal Camp besides 200 volunteers, including college students, officials from different private organisations and the SCHS staff.
Bamakhrmah said that each year they choose one country as guest country and this year Tunisia will be the guest country besides the delegation from USA.
She said that this year a delegation of seven graduate students from special education from California, USA along with one of their professor will take part in this camp as volunteers. “Besides this we will have around 200 volunteers during the camp to assist during the week-long camp to help students with special needs. For this, a workshop for volunteers will be held ahead of camp where they will be imparted basic training to deal with the special needs students and assist them during the various indoor and outdoor activities,” she added.

~ by jamilkhan on November 27, 2010.

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