Junaid Jamshed Boutique in Dubai

Hand-loomed clothes in Dubai

By Jamil Khan @ Gulf Today-Sharjah, August 5, 2010

THE Asian population residing in UAE who enjoy wearing their traditional attire, shalwar-kameez and sherwani will now witness a range of Khadai (hand-loomed) clothes in Dubai. The JJ Boutique, a Pakistani brand owned by Junaid Jamshed, has launched its first retail outlet in Bur Dubai.
In a press conference held at Dubai World Trade Centre on Wednesday, Junaid Jamshed, along with the officials of Alif Investments, announced the opening of the first boutique in Dubai which will be operational from Friday.
The Alif investments, a recently-formed diversified business conglomerate of UAE, unveiled their comprehensive strategy outlining their foray into the Middle East fashion industry. The group’s first fashion initiative is to be opened in Meena Bazaar, Bur Dubai, as Alif Investments has the exclusive franchise rights for this famous brand owned by Jamshed.
Jamshed – once known for his pop band “Vital Signs” which he then left, stopping all music activities – is now involved fully in retail business of clothes ranging for men, women and kids.

Middle East expansion

Talking to the media, Jamshed said he has 50 outlets throughout Pakistan and four boutiques running in the UK. “Dubai is one of the great cities as well as a unique place on the world map where people from almost all nationalities reside and make this city a multi-cultural place,” he said.
“In terms of Dubai, we have been witnessing a huge number of Indian and some Pakistani brands doing their business and this gave us a time to study the market and now after conducting various surveys we are starting our Middle East expansion from Dubai,” he said.
Jamshed said that the variety of cotton being produced in Pakistan is one of the best quality and is being used to weave clothes through their own 600 khadis, while some varities are also brought from America and other countries.
Muhammad Arif Abdul Aziz, chairman of Alif Investments, said, “They chose Dubai, a vibrant urban fashion centre, for the first outlet which will be followed by five outlets in UAE by 2011 and an extensive spread out [is planned] in other GCC countries in the coming years.”

Traditional abayas
He also mentioned that during the first quarter of next year, three retail outlets will be opened in Saudi Arabia while the number of outlets in UAE and the total number of outlets in GCC during the next five years will be around 50.
Their first boutique in Meena Bazaar will feature a full range of readymade, hand-woven apparel along with exclusive unstitched fabrics. The collections include clothes for women, kids and men. The boutique will introduce accessories such as handbags, fragrances and traditional abayas from the brand in due course.
Sohail Khan, the CEO of JJ LLC, said that the Dubai store will also provide the opportunity to the customers who want to stich their clothes in Pakistan as experts from Karachi will take their measurement through live video.

~ by jamilkhan on August 5, 2010.

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