Anglers take a dip in joy as pastime proves delicious


FERNANDO, 42, hailing from Manila, Philippines is one of many people who enjoy fishing at Al Mamzar every weekend as a pastime.

During the last three years of stay in the UAE, Fernando had made a couple of friends among the bunch of anglers who usually visit Mamzar beach to try their luck which often helps them.

An angler ready to catch fish.--Photo by Jamil Khan

An angler ready to catch fish.–Photo by Jamil Khan

 “At this point, the pressure of water is very low and only small fish could be caught especially in the morning. But it is very difficult for me to come in the morning due to the late night sleep,” he said.

Working for a private catering company, Fernando earns his livelihood to support his family back in Manila and has very limited options to use his spare time in productive purpose.

He lives along with other countrymen in an apartment and usually visits the beach with a fishing rod and a bag full of other necessary items.

“I have interest in fishing and it needs a lot of patience but all my younger colleagues at the flat lack it and usually prefer to visit shopping malls and other sightseeing areas on their weekly off days,” he maintained.

Shedding light on the techniques, Fernando said that he had been catching fish back home during his childhood and has experience in this.

“Generally, most of the anglers use big hooks and not different types of baits and this results in limited catch after spending couple of hours in the scorching heat,” he said.

He said he had been using small hooks and “natural” bait like small pieces of squid which attract all type of fish and became the target.

Within one-and-half hour, Fernando had successfully netted around nine small fish which were enough for his two meals.

However, people from different nationalities were also seen on Al Mamzaar trying their luck holding rods motionless. “I come here very often along with my friends who have experience but today I am alone as all my friends decided to go to a movie,” said Suneel, an Indian boy.

Mashi-ur-Rehman of Bangladesh, who has been in Sharjah for the last couple of months, said he enjoys visiting the beach where anglers remind him of the same thoughts left in Dhaka.

-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | Mar 16, 2009

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