Low-key business upsets typing centres


HUNDREDS of people related to the business of typing centres scattered throughout Sharjah have reportedly been facing a major decrease in their business as compared to the last six months.

The typing centres, mostly operated by expatriates, have been offering services to expatriates in the completion of their documentation for a nominal fees. typing1

These centres, equipped with computers, have all related printed forms and the facility of preparing forms of all cases related to the people who arrive on work visa.

Operators of different typing centres located around immigration office and other parts of the city while talking to The Gulf Today pointed that the activities at almost all these centres have been reduced in the last six months.

“Last year at this time we used to provide assistance to 100-120 people every day to complete different documents including medical forms, employment visas and housemaid visas. But now the number has been reduced to 35 to 40 and sometime 50 per day, showing a drastic change in the business,” said Zaker.

Chatting idly at his typing centre with other colleagues, he said due to the “low number” of visas issued, the activities at typing centres have “become dull”.

To a question, he said that they are unable to ascertain the difficult days ahead. “If the situation remains the same for the next couple of months, we have to draw a strategy to tackle the crisis,” he said.

Another operator while talking to The Gulf Today mentioned that presently most of the cases they were handling related to housemaids and emergency staff acquiring different private companies to run the day-to-day business.

However, an official of a renowned recruiting agency having office and agents in different Asian countries also showed deep concern over the low volume of activities.

Muhammad Hilmi said that the recruiting of skilled and non-skilled labour has been reduced to almost 50 per cent in the last three to five months.

“The global downturn has hit all multi-national companies operating in the UAE and now they have almost stopped new recruitment,” he said.

He hoped that the overall situation will improve soon and their agency will able to bring more and more people from different countries for employment.

-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | Mar 12, 2009

~ by jamilkhan on March 12, 2009.

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