Alms-seekers pose problems for families

By Jamil Khan

SOME residents of Al Nahda area in Sharjah have expressed surprise over a couple of women seeking alms and creating “harassment” for the families.

There are a couple of apartment buildings in which residents have spotted two girls knocking door-to-door at different times.

Such alms-seekers pose a problem for the families especially because male members are on job during the day timings.

“It is very difficult for housewives to handle such a situation as girls between the age of 18 and 24 roam different floors of our apartments, knocking doors and asking for financial help,” a resident said.

Declining to reveal his identity, he said these “beggars” easily slipped from the watchful eyes of watchman as they are mostly mistaken for visitors thanks to their attires.

Another resident in the area narrated his personal experience of face-off recently.

“I had come back from office and was tired. I was about to take a nap. But suddenly the sound of door-bell woke me up and I had to see who was on the door as my family had gone for shopping.

“When I reached the door, there was a woman with a pitiful face standing and asking for financial help. I was not in a mood to argue and gave a Dhs5 note and shut the door,” he said.

Later, when I asked watchman why he allowed that lady upstairs, he was shocked and said he had no idea that such women were “beggars” as a couple of other residents had also made the same complaints.

Besides the free movement of “beggars” in different buildings, people had complained that boys and girls were also able to get inside the buildings in the evenings and sell “counterfeit” CDs and DVDs at the door steps.

“Usually such ‘salespersons’ come in the evening and knock on the doors and try their best to sell CDs or DVDs. The illegal copies of English and Indian films are being sold between the range of Dhs15 to Dhs20 depending on the buyers’ ability to bargain,” said Kaleem, who lives in the same area.

-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | Mar 02, 2009

~ by jamilkhan on March 2, 2009.

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