Culinary Roadshow

Southwest cusine initiates its Culinary roadshow




Dubai’s one of the famous Southwest cuisine, Chili’s has initiated its Culinary Roadshow  to host first of its kind gathering in Jumeriah, Dubai on Wednesday. Stuart Rackham, the Global Culinary Director and chef displayed his skills and prepared a couple of dishes besides giving background details. chilis-stuart-rackham-22

Rackham, who is doing a whistle stop tour of Arabia as part of the worldwide Chili’s Culinary Roadshow, kicked off activity at Chili’s Jumeriah, Dubai,  on Tuesday he  showcased some of the brand’s famous southwest cuisine.

Talking to this reporter, Rackham said that he had been UAE in past many times but  on Wednesday as part of the culinary roadshow. “This is an amazing place and have around 17 Chili’s outlets, so many in the Middle East and choose Dubai as logical place to kick of the roadshow,” he said.

He showcased a select number of new Southwest recipes incluidng the Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers and complineting beverages.

He mentioned that Southwestern cuisine is inspired by the American Southwest, which is made up by the states of New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. “Southwestern cuisine is considered one of the oldest in the US, representing an eclectic mix of the Spanish, Latin and Native American heritage.  Foods such as corn, chili, beans, avocado and tomato, are combined with European ingredients, such as rice, vegetables, legumes, meat and grains, chilies, spices and cheeses, all original from that region, resulting in a very tasty and versatile cuisine, he stated.

Most of the growing popularity of the Chili’s Southwest American Cuisine is attributed, not only to the delicious flavouring but also to its cooking process, with the Southwest way of cooking often requiring the use of mesquite grills and marinade sauces.

Osama Salhin, the head of the marketing firm said that we are delighted to welcome chef Stuart Rackham to the UAE. “The Culinary Roadshow is an ideal event to provide Chili’s with an opportunity to showcase the Southwest cuisine in its finest form. We are looking forward to some very exciting initiatives in 2009 and this is the perfect way to begin,” he said.

Talking to the Gulf Today, Stuart Rackham stated that Chili’s had started its operation in 1975 from Dallas with a variety of only three dishes but now the number has reached around 60 in its menu. “In 27 countries around the globe, we have approximately 1500 restaurants in which 50 in the region and 17 in alone in UAE,” he said.

During the preparation of Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers, the chef emphasied on the variety being providing by the restaurant full of almost fresh and local ingredients and mouth-watering.

The next stopover of Culinary Roadshow will be Bahrain and Qatar before other destinations.

-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | Feb 12, 2009

~ by jamilkhan on February 12, 2009.

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