Indian Pavilion @ Global Village

Rajhasthani women promote local to world at GV



BASANTI, 40, from Indian state of Rajhasthan was one of the five women who flaunted the homemade variety of toys and other articles in the Dubai’s one of the biggest social, cultural and entertainment event Global Village.

Sitting amidst the huge variety of traditional homemade articles on display at the stall to attract the visitors at the Indian Pavilion, Basanti wearing traditional attires was seen agog to brief the visitors showing interest in the traditional articles.basanti

The articles including homemade chimes made by threads and decorated by bells and cloth-made camels known as “Lari”, puppets (kutputlis) made of cloth for young girls, local varieties of henna, “tilaks,” bangles, drums, beads and others being display to sell in the pavilion.

“Most of the items on sale was made at home (Rajasthan) and we also brought the raw material to make more such things here to meet the demand,” she said.

Basanti who belongs to a remote village of Rajasthan came here with other five women. They have left their families back home including minor children.

She has two sons and two daughters and keeps in touch with them over phone.

“It is not easy to stay away from family but we are here to promote our own culture and traditions here (Global Village) which has become one of the major platforms. Everyday people visit this venue but the number of visitors increases on Thursdays and Fridays,” she added.

Basanti who first participated in Global Village four years ago, took beautiful memories home which also help her to come again and again to this wonderful venue.

This year, she was grouped with four other women from the same neighbourhood and set up two stalls in the pavilion.

It is noteworthy that Rajasthan is one of the biggest tourist attractions among the tourists flocking throughout the world. It has natural beauty like the sand dunes, massive forts, palaces, cultural lifestyle also has a strong historical background.

The Indian pavilion in Global Village had representation of almost all major state’s traditions where visitors not only have close look at the homemade articles but the variety of jewellery, garments, wooden craftsmanship, metal cutlery, shoes and many more.

-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | Feb 11, 2009

~ by jamilkhan on February 11, 2009.

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