Guinness World Records @ Global Village

Nine new records set at Global Village



GLOBAL Village (GV), the facility filled with fun-filled activities to raise entertainment magnitude of annual events has also been hosting world famous record making and breaking platform, Guinness World Records Pavilion with around 17 different categories. guinness

The pavilion of Guinness World Records established at the Global Village which is venue of Dubai’s most attractive and longest-running cultural entertainment destination with 12-year of history and million of delighted guest. The pavilion was set up since the initiation of Global Village’s new season from Nov 12, 2008 and will last till Feb 21.

During the last over two months, thousands of people belonging to every age group and different nationalities participated in the event to avail the opportunity to set new records and break earlier ones in 17 different categories.

Besides hundreds of attempts made, excited visitors had finally succeeded to set nine brand new records in different categories first time at Global Village.

The new records were set in the categories of loudest family/group scream, most sang moved in 30-second, M&M Sorting using chopsticks in a minute, most beads threaded in a minute, most CD’s flipped in a minute, fastest number typing, most socks sorted in a minute, fastest text message (Arabic) and fastest text message blindfold (Arabic).

The record holders who were supervised by the teams nominated by the management had awarded official Guinness World Records’ certificates to acknowledge their efforts.

The other categories which were also arranged in the pavilion including Loudest Whistle, Loudest Clap, Most Basketball Free Throws in a Minute, Most Banknotes counted in 30 seconds, Most Clothes Pegs held in one hand, Fastest Game of Operation, Most Shoelaces Tied in a minute, Fastest Text Message (English) and Longest Coin Spin.

“The Guinness World Records challenge facility set up in the Global Village was held and received extraordinary response from the visitors who came to enjoy the Dubai’s mega cultural event,” said Diane Gallacher, an official and part of supervising team.

She mentioned that all those who had successful to break old records besides setting brand new records in different categories had been conferred official certificates. “But it is not sure either may be or not about the incorporation of the names of record holders succeeded in Global Village in the next Guinness World Record official book,” she mentioned.

It is also mentioned that around 60 previous records were updated by the participants and being awarded official certificates.

The organisers at the Guinness World Record pavilion hoped that the coming two weeks will have more records in different categories as visitors including nationals and foreigners showing keen interest to incorporate their name in the record of Guinness World Challenge.

The pavilion will continue till Feb. 21 and anyone who enter in the vicinity of Global Village could participate and attempt to set new records to just pay Dhs5 ticket and could also enjoy the huge banners displayed throughout the pavilion to show extraordinary records set in different categories.

-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | Feb 11, 2009

~ by jamilkhan on February 11, 2009.

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