DEWA Seminar

Seminar discusses water, alternative energy issues


The world’s power consumption is forecast to be doubled by 2050 without any drastic change in the strategy, and the prospects for mankind may be grim.

These observations were made by Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer, Managing Director & CEO of DEWA, while delivering his keynote address at a meeting of the World Energy Council. The council conducted roundtable on the theme Water & Energy Ð- Sustainable Together, which was held in Dubai on Thursday.

“Saving our precious energy and water resources, and protecting the environment should not be mere a wishful thinking. It should be the duty of everyone,” he said.

The seminar was first of its kind in the region, and attended by several professionals related to the fields of water and energy worldwide. The speakers discussed the use of energy and water in the Middle East during the day-long seminar.

Tayer emphasised the significance of preserving the natural resources, and putting an end to the wastages in order to preserve the resources and protect the environment.

He said that the global warming is now a reality and no longer mere conjecture. With the climate change looming large and non-renewable fuels dwindling worldwide, sources alternative energy are becoming increasingly more relevant for our economic and social progress.

The conference discussed some of the most  pressing issues in light of climate change, pertaining to development such as clean energy and water.

Tayer said that unlike conventional buildings, the design, construction and operation of Green Buildings depend on the use of systems that rationalise the consumption of resources up to 30 per cent to 40 per cent throughout a building’s lifecycle. It reduces the burden on the basic structures in cities, and provides a healthy and comfortable environment for living and working.

DEWA has conducted feasibility studies to explore alternative technologies such as Clean Coal Technology (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) and Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plants. A diversified power generation portfolio that combines natural gas, renewable and alternative energy sources is now becoming a more concrete eventuality.

In his concluding remarks, Tayer stated that Dubai has boosted a great vision, and now it is cultivating the awareness. “What we need now is to boldly act to protect our future in a sustainable fashion for our own sake and that of our children,” he said.

– Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | Feb 06, 2009

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