Al Aweer Vegetable Market

Credit bite, wholesale bait




As the credit crunch pinches the pockets of common people, a substantial number of residents prefer to procure fresh vegetables from wholesale markets instead of retail shops as the price difference is huge. dubai

However, some people seen shopping at the Dubai Central Vegetable and Fruit Market located at Al Aweer on Wednesday told this reporter that traffic gridlocks were proving to be a hurdle.

The market is spread on a huge area having a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits imported from different parts of the world to meet the needs of local demand. 

Besides all available facilities provided by the government at the central market, the difference in the prices offered not only a mega opportunity for the families to save their money, but they could also grab fresh vegetables and fruits in the ample.

During the visit, it was revealed that the prices of fresh vegetables were much less then the shopkeepers offering at the supermarkets and other shops spread throughout Dubai and Sharjah.

The market was flooded with tomatoes imported from Oman and sold at a price range of Dhs5-Dhs10 against one crate weighing around 7-8 kilogrammes. In different parts of the city, the variety of tomatoes being sold as Dhs1.50 to Dhs1.80 per kg depends on the variety.

Besides this, the wholesale price of potatoes ranging between Dhs7-12 against the 5-kg crate and being sold as retail Dhs1.25 per kg.

The prices of eggplant was noticed in the wholesale market as Dhs35 for 15-kg crate (eg Dhs2.10 per kg) but it was being sold in the retail shops as Dhs4.95 per kg showing the greed of retailers.

Gwar being sold as Dhs35 per 10 kg in the wholesale market while in retail shops it was recorded Dhs4.50 per kg. Like this, cucumber is being sold in retail market at Dhs4.95 per kg, while it was Dhs2 per kg in the wholesale market.

However, turnip was recorded one of the most expensive vegetable in the retail market and being sold as Dhs4.95 per kg as it was around Dhs2 per kg in the wholesale.

The consumers who visited the central market told The Gulf Today that it was not an easy job for them to tackle such traffic and save some money, but spend their precious time on road.

Kazim, who was seen guiding his two potters in the market to select the variety of vegetables, was of the view that he had been visiting this market once in a month to save his time and money.

“Here the quality of vegetables are much better then what we see at the shops of our neighbourhood. I have this habit of   purchasing almost all vegetables in bulk for the whole month,” he said.

It is pertinent to mention that not a single housewife, either national or foreigner, was seen in the wholesale market.

In a lighter vein, the potter mentioned “it was not easy to spot women in this market located far away from the main city.”

-Published in The Gulf Today-Sharjah | Feb 05, 2009

~ by jamilkhan on February 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Al Aweer Vegetable Market”

  1. hey,
    i like your piece especially the attention to detail.i represents dicyn(Kenya) limited and looking for opportunities to export Kenyan fruits and vegetables to your markets.please drop me a word when you are able to do so.
    Edwin Kimondo
    Operations and logistics
    DiCyn (K)Ltd

  2. Good post Jamil Khan, will be in touch with your blog…

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