Ambulance Service

1122 helpline yet to be linked with 5 hospitals


By Jamil Khan | KARACHI


CITY District Government Karachi (CDGK) Health Department has launched its nine-ambulance fleet in the 1122 Ambulance Service, however the service is yet to be linked to the city’s five major hospitals, as it had to be on January 1, Daily Times learnt on Friday.

City Nazim Mustafa Kamal announced that the 1122 ambulance service will start on January 1, meetings were held with the representatives of five major city hospitals regarding the matter of their response to any untoward situation.

The hospitals that had to be linked to the 1122 helpline to carry out a joint operation in any emergency were Aga Khan Hospital, Liaquat National Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, Civil Hospital and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Sources in the health department told Daily Times that so far a couple of meetings with the representatives of the five hospitals have been held, but the plan is yet to be finalized. “That’s why the official launch of the 1122 Ambulance Service is being delayed,” the sources mentioned.

However, while talking to Daily Times, Health Department Executive District Officer Dr A D Sajnani said that the soft launch of the ambulance service was done some days ago. “The operation has been started and state-of-the-art ambulances were deputed in all three Muharram processions. The ambulance also took part in the rescue operation on Thursday night when an inferno engulfed North Karachi,” he said.

Published in Daily Times | Jan 10, 2009

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