Security Plan

Six towns declared sensitive in Muharram


By Jamil Khan | KARACHI


ON THE directives of Provincial Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza the Sindh Police in collaboration with the City District Government Karachi Command and Control System, devised a comprehensive contingency plan to be implemented during the month of Muharramul Haram and established temporary control rooms and police emergency centers at designated sites on Muharram 8, 9 and 10.

The law enforcement agencies have declared six towns as sensitive areas including Saddar, Jamshed, Lyari, Keamari, Orangi and Baldia where 327 places were identified to pose threats, said Mirza while reviewing the contingency plan on Monday.

The plan is designed by Rangers and police jointly in collaboration with the city government and other law enforcement agencies.

According to the plan, adequate measures have been made for the security of all mosques, imambarghas, procession routes, ulema and mourners. Arrangements to install surveillance cameras and the deployment of police personnel who will monitor the mounding procession from the roofs of around 150 buildings has also been finalized.

It was revealed in the meeting that all vehicles participating in the processions will be thoroughly searched and no one will be allowed to participate in the mourning procession without a sticker. Measures have been taken to conduct individual body and luggage search of those participating in the processions. Foolproof security arrangements have been made in sensitive areas and police commandos will be deployed at main imambarghas in these areas on Muharram 8, 9 and 10.

According to the plan, the police force will ensure all security arrangements till Chehlum of Muharram. They will also be taking practical steps to ensure a ban on displaying weapons, pillion riding besides the banning of some ulema in the province.

Traffic police officials will be deployed on various busy roads, mourning procession routes and places of Majalis. Special measures have been taken to provide parking at a distance from mosques, imambarghas, majalis and mourning processions.

The main control room set up at the Central Police Office will work round-the-clock while temporary control rooms and police emergency centers will be linked with it to monitor the situation.

Sources in the police department mentioned that between the first and tenth of Muharram, a total of 1,025 processions will pass through the city and out of them 518 will be of the Shias and 507 of Sunnis. A total of 598 processions have been declared as sensitive and out of a total of 3,739 mosques and 44 imambarghas, 48 mosques and 44 imambarghas were declared to be sensitive.

Law enforcement agencies have divided the city into three zones and deputed two policemen in less sensitive mosques and imambarghas while in sensitive mosques and imambargahs, they have deputed two policemen and two Rangers.

It is also pertinent to mention here that the Sindh government has already banned the entry of 142 scholars and zakireens and has banned 135 Ulemas from any sort of inter-provincial movement.

– Published in Daily Times | Dec 30, 2008

~ by jamilkhan on December 30, 2008.

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