English for Teaching-Teaching for English

BC’s ETTE programme for teachers enters next phase


By Jamil Khan | KARACHI


THE British Council (BC) in collaboration with Federal and Provincial Ministries of Education has started ETTE ‘English for Teaching: Teaching for English (ETTE) programme for government teachers.

The programme is meant specifically for teachers that teach English language in the remote areas of the country to use English language in classrooms for basic teaching methodology. It will enter into third phase from next week, the Daily Times has learnt.

The ETTE programme aimed to train 20,000 teachers in the next three years has been kicked off successfully early this year and so far has trained 50 teachers in two batches across Pakistan. These teachers were trained by BC experts from the UK in a 16-day residence training for teaching English language through activity based teaching techniques in the classrooms.

The ETTE Project Officer Sunil Iqbal told Daily Times that the training will be passed on successively with each participant committing to train 25 further teachers in their respective areas, thereby increasing the number of trained teachers across the country.

“In order to accelerate the training process and to train more teachers in less time, we have planned to start third batch of training simultaneously in all four provinces and in Islamabad. Each province and Islamabad centre will deliver training to 25 participants making total 125 teachers to be trained directly by the British Council in one-go” he said. Our target is to reach more than 600 teachers across Pakistan by the end of March 2009 he further added.

The ETTE has been started in the Central and South Asia region including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and is particularly for the teachers who have not yet been benefited from any training or development opportunity. The Project Officer ETTE had praised the role of both Federal and Provincial Ministries of Education for their cooperation in selecting teachers, providing venues for training and helping teachers to implement and further cascade the training to their peers on their returns.

He also mentioned that the BC had also planned to expand the vision of ETTE and to this, 10 resource centres across the country will be established with all necessary facilities. “In this regard, the venues will be provided by Ministries of Education in all four provinces while British Council will arrange reading material and other facilities from the UK for which we have allocated Rs3 million,” he said.

These resource centres will provide teachers an opportunity of self learning through the best quality material available from the UK and these centres will be operational before the end of March 2009, he stated.

Material design workshop in Almaty: British Council sent six teachers from every province of Pakistan to attend Material Design Workshop held in Almaty, Kazakhstan last month where teams from other participating countries were also present.

The objective of the workshop was to train country teams to adapt existing materials for teacher training courses for use in their own countries.

The course was mainly hands-on, with participants really getting down to adapting materials and thinking about course design. This workshop will equip them with the skills to design their own courses in the context of their local syllabus and requirements.

“They will start developing the material appropriate for their local context during the two weeks of the Almaty course, and continue afterwards with our support”, said Shahid Ashraf of British Council Karachi. They will make use of classroom English, their local course books, and any other good local material they may have, he further added.

-Published in Daily Times | Dec 20, 2008

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