Sacrificial Animal Markets

Illegal cattle markets still thriving

* Only 31 sacrificial animals seized by officials out of thousands


By Jamil Khan | KARACHI


THE directives of City Nazim Mustafa Kamal regarding removing of illegal cattle markets in the city limits have yet to prove beneficial for the citizens who continue to face multiple problems in their neighborhoods.

There is a not a single prominent locality in the city’s 18 towns that does not have a illegal makeshift cattle market and since the people involved in setting up these markets are either supported by concerned town administrations or political parties, they are selling sacrificial animals without any fear.

The illegal markets have been set up on footpaths, open spaces, roadsides and wherever the people can fit a dozen animals to benefit the area residents. In various towns, including Bin Qasim, Landhi, Malir, Korangi, Kemari, Saddar and Gadap, the people have not only set up illegal cattle markets but are also enjoying all civic facilities such as potable water, electricity and other arrangements without any proper check from utility service providers.

In Shah Faisal Colony, some people have established a mini cattle market to sell sacrificial animals just 200 meters away from the town office. The traders have not only occupied the entire 300-meter long footpath but also a major portion of the road and the unhygienic atmosphere has become a nuisance for the area residents.

“We have submitted a written complaint in the town office for the removal of this arrangement which is causing great inconvenience for the patients and visitors of two healthcare facilities located on this road, as well as over two dozen shops,” said Masood, a shopkeeper.

In Lyari and Saddar, the people responsible for setting up the cattle markets are blatantly ignoring the city government’s orders and have blocked entire lanes using different barricades. Major locations occupied by these makeshift markets include Pakistan Chowk, Kharadar, Mithadar, Lyari, Burns Road and Bohri Bazaar.

The illegal cattle markets have not only minimized the activities of the area residents but the lack of sanitation arrangements are also becoming a nuisance for families living in multi-storey buildings in the localities. However, the CDGK Revenue Department has shown extraordinary performance in complying with Kamal’s orders of imposing Section 144 on illegal cattle markets within city limits by seizing only 31 animals out of the thousands in the hundreds of illegal markets throughout the city.

The revenue department started a crackdown in Bahadurabad, University Road, Liaquatabad, Essa Nagri, Dalmia Road and Safura Goth. It is also mentioned that the city government has over 50 officials who have been given magisterial powers and are responsible to take action against the illegal markets.

– Published in Daily Times | Dec 08, 2008

~ by jamilkhan on December 8, 2008.

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