CDGK Employees’ Woes

Jamshed Town workshop lacks facilities for 300 employees


By Jamil Khan | KARACHI


THE  old Jamshed Town workshop, located in Mehmoodabad, is neglected by the administration and no attention is paid to the problems of as many as 300 employees, Daily Times learned on Thursday.

The workshop is used by the Jamshed Town Administration to park heavy machinery and vehicles used to dispose of garbage, and has become one of the dirtiest places in the city. The staff including loaders, drivers, sanitary workers, auto mechanics, peons and clerical staff are not provided civic facilities such as potable water, washrooms or even sitting arrangements.

“A few months ago, the water connection was disconnected by unknown people and has not been restored. The staff has to arrange for potable water from nearby hotels and sometimes also from houses in the vicinity. If someone needs to use the washroom, they have to go to a mosque in the area as the workshop does not have a washroom,” said United Workers Union leader Malik Nawaz.

Nawaz also told Daily Times that due to the utter negligence of the town administration, expensive machinery and vehicles have become scrap and the vehicles that are running are also not properly maintained.

“Recently four bobcats, three shovel-tractor vehicles, a few dumpers and other vehicles have joined the list of junk as they developed faults and not a single penny was issued to fix them. They were still, however, used in the cleanliness drives started by the town administration,” he said.

He mentioned that these heavy vehicles could be used for operation fleet, for lifting offal during the holidays of the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha and for helping with routine sanitation operations.

It is also mentioned that the workshop was set up 40 years ago by the defunct KMC and a section of it is also used by the land department to dump articles seized in anti-encroachment drives.

The other leaders including Gul Islam, Jan Muhammad Baloch and Malik Ejaz also shed light on the problems faced by the workforce.

They also said that they discussed these issues with Jamshed Town Municipal Officer (TMO) Masroor Memon but he had not taken them seriously and no funds were issued to repair vehicles. Fixing the vehicles will save the town money during different operations, especially during the Eid holidays.

The TMO told Daily Times on Thursday said that they have issued tenders to repair faulty vehicles but did not give details.

When asked about the other facilities that the workshop lacked, the TMO ensured that the workers will be catered for soon.

-Published in Daily Times | Nov 21, 2008

~ by jamilkhan on November 22, 2008.

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