Hawkesbay Scheme 42

Hawkesbay Scheme 42 attracting land mafia


By Jamil Khan | KARACHI


IN THE last few months, the land mafia has actively started setting up illegal establishments on different sectors of the Lyari Development Authority (LDA), deceiving innocent citizens by portraying attractive housing schemes, Daily Times learnt on Saturday.

Sources in the LDA told Daily Times that officials visiting different sectors of LDA on a regular basis witnessed that during the last couple of months, culprits started illegal construction of chappar (makeshift) hotels. They put up different political party flags and constructed fake shrines on the deserted LDA areas in efforts to grab land.

“The LDA’s higher authorities arranged a visit for Sindh Minister for Local Government Agha Siraj Durrani, they briefed him about the current situation where the land mafia and various political parties are planning to grab land worth millions of rupees,” sources said.

On the minister’s directives, officials have removed some of the encroachments but it seems that the mafia are using various tactics to continue their illegal operation.

Lyari Development Authority Secretary Bashir Ahmed Barakzai told Daily Times that different private housing societies and builders are attracting people with fake construction projects in different LDA sectors.

“We have warned the general public to be aware of any investments in such projects as the LDA has not issued a single No Objection Certificate (NOC) to any builder or private housing society to start construction or sell their projects,” Barakazi said.

The land grabbing mafia is illegally using LDA’s name to deceive people into falling for their scam. They will earn money by making people invest in their fake project, disappearing as soon as they dupe the people for their money. “It is our responsibility to inform the general public and save them from investing in the illegal activities occurring at Hawkesbay’s Scheme 42, located in the jurisdiction of LDA,” he said.

Barakzai also mentioned that besides keeping an eye on such elements, the LDA department has started an anti-encroachment operation.

The LDA was established in 1993, under an Act passed by the Sindh Assembly. In July 1984 the defunct Karachi Development Authority announced the Hawkesbay Housing Scheme 42 that spreads along the Arabian Sea shoreline, as a purely residential scheme situated at Hawksbay, Deh Moach, in Kemari Town.

According to the Karachi Strategic Development Plan 2020, the Hawkesbay Scheme 42 stretches across 11,450 acres of which only 6000 acres remains. The rest of the land has been allocated to 54,000 candidates, but hardly five percent of the allocated land is currently being used.

LDA Director General Agha Masood Abbas was called but he was not available for a comment. However, an LDA public relation officer, Irshad, said that they have noticed the illegal establishments in Hawkesbay Scheme 42 and they are not only taking action against the land grabbers, they have also informed the general public about the scheme through advertisements in national dailies.

– Published in Daily Times | Nov 2, 2008

~ by jamilkhan on November 3, 2008.

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