KBCA Notice Friends Square

On shaky ground

By Jamil Khan | KARACHI

THE Karachi Building Control Authority (KBCA) has issued final notices to occupants of the 26-year old residential building, Friends Square, located in Model Colony, to vacate the premises, terming it as unfit for the accommodation, Daily Times learnt on Sunday.
However, the occupants have demanded compensation such as alternate accommodation in return for vacating their flats.
The spokesperson for KBCA has said that notices have been issued to all 15 occupants of the three-story building to vacate the site which has became dangerous for its residents for a long time.
“The KBCA had already served notices in the past and directed the occupants to vacate the building and not endanger their lives, but so far no response has been given by the occupants and now the final notices have been issued,” the spokesperson said.
KBCA officials have also informed the concerned area police officials that the action to demolish the building will take place on Nov 6.
The KBCA committee for dangerous buildings had declared the 26-year old structure of Friends Square located on plot number 427 in Model Colony as unfit for any accommodation and suggested to dismantle the building as soon as possible.
It is pertinent to mention that the KBCA had been issuing evacuation notices to the residents of this building since last year, but the occupants have demanded alternate accommodation for their flats.
Friends Square building is spread on 307-square yards and was completed in 1981. The occupants were issued leases and other documents as tenants in 1984 by a group of investors who constructed it.
During the last two decades, the outer walls of Friend Squares have been damaged and plaster has scrapped off from many places as neither the landlord nor tenants have spend a single penny on the maintenance of this building.
Safia Begum, who lives on the ground floor of the building, told Daily Times that she had requested the KBCA and other high-ups of the government to provide alternate shelter for her family as well as other poor tenants living in the Friends Square for the last two decades.
She said that in the present circumstances where inflation is high and she has a job through which she earns Rs 5,000 per month, it was very hard for her to vacate the building without any compensation.
Safia said that her husband was unable to work for the last couple of years due to sickness and she was the only one to support her family.
She mentioned that the occupants were prepared to leave the building provided that the government considers their plea and provide them alternate accommodation.
-Published in Daily Times | Oct 27, 2008

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