Karachi Zoological Garden

Another oryx baby born at Karachi Zoo
Birth termed as major achievement to increase numbers of the endangered species

By Jamil Khan | KARACHI

THE only pair of Arabian Oryx at the Karachi Zoological Garden gave birth to another baby four days ago, a few days after the World Animal Day. This is the second baby the endangered pair has given birth to in the last two years.
The Karachi Zoo holds the distinction of being the only zoo in the country with a pair of Arabian Oryx. The animal is found in the Middle East but hunters have reduced the species’ numbers to a level where it is classified as endangered.
Karachi Zoo District Officer Mansoor Kazi told Daily Times on Saturday that they have been breeding local and regional endangered species for a long time and the birth of an Arabian Oryx is a major achievement under this project.
“The Arabian Oryx is a highly threatened species of the Middle East and it has become rare in the region due to mass hunting in the last few decades,” said Kazi. “This second birth is a remarkable achievement for the officials who are carrying out animal breeding because it reveals that they have been successful in maintaining the animal’s natural habitat.”
The Saudi Arabian government has established a conservative breeding center in Taif to increase the number of Arabian Oryx and another conservative breeding center is underway at the San Diego Zoo in USA. These centres will help the species survive after it neared extinction in the wild by the early 1970’s.
In the Middle East, the Arabian Oryx is also known as the Scimitaran Oryx. It got this name from the shape of its horn, which is shaped just like a scimitar sword.
The animal is a herbivore and feeds on a large variety of trees, buds, herbs, fruit, tubers and roots.
The Karachi Zoo major conservation project has recorded a total 122 new births of various local and regional endangered animals during the last three months.
-Published in Daily Times | Oct 25, 2008

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