Another Hydrant at University Road

Tanker mafia eyeing recently completed University Road
* Newly opened hydrant at Jail Chowrangi becomes nuisance
* Daily hundreds of tankers parked on road

By Jamil Khan | KARACHI

AFTER the Muslimabad Hydrant near Kashmir Road closed about three months ago, the tanker mafia finally succeeded at reopening a deserted hydrant near Central Prison on University Road, causing a serious threat to the recently carpeted University Road, Daily Times learnt.
The city government has finalized a portion of the University Road from Jail Chowrangi to Hassan Square recently, widening the road and installing a huge central island with six rows of saplings along it.
Some corrupt officials of KWSB and the Gulshan-e-Iqbal town administration have deliberately destroyed the efforts of the city government and Nazim Mustafa Kamal. They have re-opened a hydrant closed almost a decade ago near the New Town Police Station roundabout facing University Road.
KWSB staff deputed in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town are operating the hydrant to cater to water deficiency in parts of the town by private tanker services. Over 300 tankers supply thousands of gallons of water daily to the surrounding areas and occupy a kilometer-long lane to park their vehicles.
Most of the tankers leak and are creating puddles of water on the road, which will destroy the road and neither the town officials nor the city government officers are taking any action to intervene.
“It is the responsibility of KWSB officials who are managing the operation of this hydrant to stop the tankers from parking on the road as well as repair the leaky valves of tankers that will eventually damage the road,” said an official of the works and services department.
The officials at the hydrant were reluctant to give any information on the matter when approached by this correspondent. It may also be mentioned that the city government closed the Muslimabad hydrant on the directives of Sindh High Court as it was creating an inconvenience for the area residents and the movement of heavy vehicles was damaging the road.
Senior KWSB official Misbahuddin Farid, who has been supervising the hydrant operation, was not available for comments.
However, another hydrant in Saddar Town, near the Karachi Zoological Garden, has also become a nuisance for traffic as the entire area has been converted into a parking lot for hundreds of water tankers.
“This hydrant was opened by the Saddar town administration in collaboration with the KWSB staff about eight months ago to overcome water scarcity in some areas, but has now become an inconvenience for zoo visitors and is disrupting traffic flow on Agha Khan III Road,” said Kashif, an employee of Karachi Zoological Garden.
The city government should close down this hydrant to save the recently completed road as the tankers are creating craters on it, he said.
-Published in Daily Times | Sept 28, 2008

~ by jamilkhan on September 29, 2008.

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