Sobhraj Maternity Hospital

Philanthropists to build new block at Sobhraj Maternity Hospital
* Shortage of doctors, nurses and technicians persists
* Utter negligence in maintaining cleanliness in hospital

By Jamil Khan | KARACHI

ONE of the oldest hospitals of the city, the 80-year-old Sobhraj Maternity Hospital, will be undergoing major structural changes, with two major blocks, the Out-Patient Department and the Medical Superintendent office block, being dismantled to construct a new three-storey building, Daily Times learnt on Thursday.
The expenses of the renovation of the hospital are being borne by a group of philanthropists and the three-storey building, complete with all the essential medical facilities, will benefit the hundreds of patients visiting the hospital on a daily basis. The Sobhraj Maternity Hospital, located behind Burns Road, was founded in 1928 by Chetumal Sobhraj in memory of his wife, Kishen Devi Sobhraj, and was aimed at providing healthcare for women of Burns Road and its surrounding areas.
The hospital was recognized by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (London) in 1975 for its post-graduate teaching. The hospital set up a nursing school in 1991 to impart midwifery training and received the status of maternity hospital in 2001.
However, the 120-bed hospital has been facing a shortage of staff, including doctors, nurses and technical staff for laboratories.
Talking to Daily Times, Medical Superintendent Dr Anwar Ali Khawaja confirmed the new construction and termed it a remarkable gesture. He said that the construction work will be started immediately after Eid-ul-Fitr and will be completed within 18 to 24 months. He said that during the construction period, the OPD patients will be administrated in the recently renovated labor room and other sections, to minimize inconvenience for visitors.
The OPD caters to around 5000 patients monthly, although the figure has been low during Ramazan. Dr Khawaja highlighted the various problems, including the lack of proper sitting arrangements, sanitation and frequent power outages, being faced by patients and their attendants. One attendant, Rashid, who had brought his pregnant wife from the nearby Ram Swami area said that due to the lack of waiting rooms, the attendants have to sit under the scorching sun and no one pays attention to them.
The other major problem being faced by patients was the lack of car parking facilities either inside or outside. The outside portion of the hospital is completely occupied by rickshaws and taxis throughout the day, congesting space for ambulances and patients alike.
-Published in Daily Times | Sept 26, 2008

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