Reaction on Musharraf’s Resign

‘Thank God the one-man show is over’

By Jamil Khan | KARACHI

THANK God this one-man show, which was behind all the major scandals of the past nine years, is over, exclaimed a jubilant citizen, after watching Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf announce his resignation in a speech on Monday.
People, for the most part, welcomed Musharraf’s decision to step down after nine years as chief executive and president of Pakistan. However, the public was also aware of the fact that his resignation will lead to a tough period for the nation. It seemed that the masses were expecting such an announcement, with dozens of television shops in Saddar packed with people eager to witness what turned out to be Musharraf’s final speech.
The actual announcement led to scenes of exhilaration, with people congratulating each other and a few shopkeepers in Saddar were even seen distributing sweets. “It was a historical moment for the nation, as Musharraf has done us a great favor by quitting the post he illegally occupied for the past nine years,” said Tanveer Ahmed, a shopkeeper at the Abdullah Haroon Road, adding that his policies had led to an increase in the number of hypertension patients.
Taxi driver Riaz Hussain, although glad about the president’s resignation, was uncertain of its consequences. “This could well lead to a even worse crisis. Who will resolve the issues, such as the situation in the tribal areas, inflation, lawlessness and price hikes?” remarked Ghulam Qadir an employee of an import-export firm located on M A Jinnah Road.
A laborer, Saqib Ali, was confident that with the resignation, the country could finally come out of the shadows created by Pervez Musharraf. Nisar Ahmed, a retired schoolteacher, stated that the coalition government needed to ensure that Musharraf was not let off without facing trial for ‘selling’ hundreds of Pakistanis to the Americans. “Dr Aafia Siddiqi and her three children are also the victims of Musharraf’s so-called ‘war against terrorism’ policies. The time has come for Musharraf to pay for his actions,” he said, and his views were echoes by various other citizens.
“Although it is unlikely his resignation will bring any major improvements in the political scenario or ease the public’s sufferings, we are hoping against hope that the coalition government will work to alleviate the misery of the masses,” said Chaudhry Arshad, a lawyer.
Farooq Ahmed, a shopkeeper in Bohri Bazaar, gave a mixed reaction over the resignation and was upset about losing a wager.
“Although, I owe my friends five kilograms of sweet, I am delighted that we have been relieved of this dictator who, with the support of the US, imposed unlawful policies in the country for nine years,” said Ahmed.
-Published in Daily Times | Aug 19, 2008

~ by jamilkhan on August 19, 2008.

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