Mind Sports Championship Starts

1st Mind Sports National Championship starts today

By Jamil Khan | KARACHI

THE first ever Mind Sports National Championship will get underway at the Southend Club in DHA on Thursday (today). The four-day event is being organised by the Mind Sports Association of Pakistan (MSAP) and will include competitions in the youth and open categories in bridge, chess and scrabble, showcasing the talent of hundreds of players from all four provinces.
MSAP president Khurshid Hadi, while talking to Daily Times, said that the MSAP was established three months ago in a bid to promote sports requiring mental skills. This championship is the first step and our second step will be to introduce these sports amongst the youth in the higher education institutions of Pakistan. This will be achieved through collaboration between the concerned parties promoters, sponsors and the regulatory bodies responsible for bridge, chess and scrabble, he said.
Hadi informed this correspondent that teams will be set up in selected colleges and professional coordinators will be hired to teach, organize and promote mind sports. He said that a team of bridge players has been selected to participate in the 1st World Mind Sports Championship to be held in Beijing, China, in October and said that a chess team will also be selected on the basis of this national championship.
He said that this championship is the first for bridge and scrabble and a national ranking chess tournament was held a couple of months back. The registration of players will take place between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on the first day. The organizers have completed preparations at one of the major halls of Southend Club, dividing it into three sections, where the games in all three sports will take place simultaneously. According to the officials, approximately 40 bridge teams are expected to part in the tournament and while the open teams will play between August 14 and 16, the individual competitions will be held on August 17. The youth will be eligible to play in both the open and the individual categories. The open teams are scheduled to play 15 rounds of 12 boards, under the Swiss Movement rules. The leading teams include Allana, Hadi, Candyland, Giants and others.
The entry fee for open teams is Rs 1,000 per player, Rs 500 per player for individuals, while registration for youth under 28 is free. The Pakistan Chess Federation will supervise the chess games and around 300 players are expected to take part in two categories, A Open Championship and B Youth Championship (U-25). The matches will be held under the Swiss League rules on August 16 and 17 and each game will last for 90 minutes. The leading players include Grand Master Riffat Sattar, Amir Karim, Mehmood Lodhi and Muhammad Waqar.
The entry fee for chess players will be Rs 500 per player in Category A, while Rs 50 will be charged per player in Category B. The Scrabble Association of Pakistan will supervise the scrabble games to be held in five categories: masters on August 14 and 16, doubles on August 15, intermediates on August 17, recreational on August 17 and students on August 17. The masters final will also be held on August 17.
The entry fee will be Rs 800 per player for masters, Rs 400 per player for doubles, Rs 400 per player for intermediates, Rs 300 per player for recreational and Rs 250 per player for students.
The MSAP is offering lucrative cash prizes of up to Rs 500,000 in the professional and masters categories, while cash prizes have also been announced for other categories. The major sponsor of the championship is Habib Bank Limited, while a number of leading brands are co-sponsoring the event.
-Published in Daily Times | Aug 14, 2008

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