International Housing Exhibition

International exhibition provides multiple housing solutions

By Jamil Khan | KARACHI

A THREE-day international exhibition started on Saturday at the Expo Centre and has a comprehensive range of materials for commercial, industrial and residential construction and a showcase of more than 12 renowned developers offering discounts for real estate located in the UAE, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
The exhibition, titled the 4th Build Asia 2008 International Housing and Construction Industry Show, is organised by the EC Gateway. Around 450 stalls, including 50 by foreign companies, have been set up and are displaying state-of-the-art housing, construction and exquisite lifestyle products.
The first day witnessed visitors who included professionals, architects, students and businessmen, as well as over 150 delegates from 22 different countries, including Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Mauritius, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, USA, UK, UAE and other countries.
Zubair Ahmed, who recently introduced concrete garden landscaping, floor tiles, face tiles and roof insulation tiles, by the label Conex was also present. He talked about concrete products for garden landscaping and said that people don’t realize that these products are made of concrete when they see them for the first time and think that they are made of wood. He added that all products have been designed and manufactured keeping in mind Karachi’s humid climate.
The DuPont Pakistan stall showcased important construction-related products to increase the performance of building systems and help reduce operating costs and energy consumption, while providing safer, healthier environments for sustainable structures.
“Corian is an advanced blend of natural minerals, pure acrylic polymer and an advanced composite of aluminium trihydrate, pigments and acrylic resins, intended for residential and commercial usage, while SentryGlas is the architectural glass interlayer for a new generation of building design and protection,” said DuPont Pakistan’s Saad Zuberi.
There were over a dozen stalls offering a great range of concrete products that included blocks, pavers, kerbstones and other forms used in furnishing house exteriors.
PrimeCrete Residential Sales Assistant Manager Shuja Malik told Daily Times that their firm manufactures kerbstones, blocks which are hollow, solid or split and pavers which are rectangular, uni, decore or behaton. All these products are of high quality and long life while being cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing.
Foreign firms also set up stalls to display a range of automatic sliding and swing doors, imported thermo shields, high-quality indoor and outdoor water and sewerage pipe fittings, standard power transmission cables, imported and local marble and granite furnishing and a range of calibrating, smoothing and polishing tools.
A local firm, Handi Art, put on display a variety of wooden handcrafted furniture carved with antique, modern and traditional designs. The furniture includes bed sets, sofa sets, tables, dressing and dining tables, doors, jewellery boxes, mirror frames and easy chairs. “During the last seven years, we have developed a good reputation among customers for antique wooden handcrafted furniture including the Swati Jhoola, Nooristani doors and Swati crafted windows,” said Bilal Yousuf.
The section on real estate in the next hall witnessed a great number of visitors showing interest in different residential and commercial projects in Dubai, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
The Karachi Building Control Authority (KBCA) has also set up a stall to help visitors and provide necessary information about booking of shops in commercial properties and flats, while clearing up any apprehensions and confusions.
-Published in Daily Times | Aug 03, 2008

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