Civic Issues in Coastal Areas

Speakers highlighted pathetic condition of Deh Allah Bano

By Jamil Khan | KARACHI

SPEAKERS of different NGOs, MPAs, MNAs and at a seminar had criticized the mega development projects in Karachi’s coastal belt to ignore the local community especially fishermen living for the last over two hundred years and depriving all civic facilities for a long time.
The seminar entitled scarcity of basic facilities in fishermen communities and the responsibilities of government in coastal areas was organized by Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) at Deh Allah Bano, UC-8 of Keamari Town on Wednesday. The organizers had also issued a report to highlight the problems facing by the hundreds of fishermen living in Deh Allah Bano and over two dozens goths in the area.
The Deh Allah Bano comprises of 22 small and large goths is part of Gabupit, UC-8 of Keamari Town located 45 kilometer off in the south of Karachi and totally isolated from the mainstream life of city. Besides this, this Deh is part of Karachi but had been ignoring in the past to provide any civic facilities of water, sewerage, electricity, natural gas, healthcare, education, and proper network of roads.
The people living in these 22 goths have no potable water facility and depending on the monsoon rains accumulated at the catchments areas but lasted only two months. But the rest of the months they keep looking to the water tankers but due to the poor financial conditions majority of the dwellers can not afford to purchase tankers and women and children forced to fetch water from far flung areas to meet the needs.
The condition of education in this deh was also poor as during the last 60 years, different government had constructed seven primary and one middle schools but only three schools, Hussain Sahib Khan, haji Noor Muhammad and Haji Gul hassan Primary Schools were properly working as rest of the four schools have been closed for a long town as teachers of these schools not even bothered to attend classes.
However, presently the state of healthcare facilities not exists as only a single dispensary have been closed down for a long time. “Due to the non-availability of proper medical facility in the entire area, 19 people were died due to malaria and other outbreak diseased caused after the last year’s heavy rains while risk of water born diseases still loomed,” one of the speaker mentioned.
The speakers had also highlighted the land ownership issue and said that the people in different goths of Deh Allah Bano living for the last 400 years link with fishing and farming in which most of them have lease of their land (Form No. 6) but majority of them lack of ownership documents (Form No. 7). The government should hold an open kutchery in the area and announce the ownership and lease for the local people without any further delay, they said.
The speakers had also demanded that the government should focus on the problems facing by the thousands of people living in this depriving Deh to construct a proper general hospital, reviving of all existing schools, construction of roads to link all goths with main road and create job opportunities to set up textile industry and jetty at the Sonehri Bunder for fishing.
The speakers were including Chairman PFF Muhammad Ali Shah, MNA Qadir Patel, MPA Humaira Alvani, Provincial Minister Haji Muzaffar Ali Shajra, Nazim UC-8 Mubark Sangho, Ghulam Qadir, representatives of WWF, Oxfam, Action Aid and others.
-Published in Daily Times | July 17, 2008

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